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Gas Mileage???

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Since I'm a brand new MDX owner, I'm not quite sure what is the real gas mileage of MDX is???
I've been driving about 50/50 on local and freeway but it seems like I only get around 17mpg.
Would appreciate if you guys can give me some feed backs. :)
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Sounds about right, maybe you will get some more mpg once your car settles.
Check these threads for some good info/experiences re: mileage

Ghost's Initial MDX Mileage Survey Results
Ghost's MDX Mileage Survey Results - Chapter II
Mileage history and discussion (related to Ghost's posts)

If you do a for mileage several other good discussions will pop up.
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Thanks worm. I didn't realize that the survey has already been made. I guess I'll have to do my own experiments and find out. I'm wondering if the MTBE additive here in California make any difference??? It looks like the survey result varies quite a bit.
17 is about what i'm getting; I even put in Z-Max.

I guess it's a matter of perspective because our other car is a ML320 which gets about 15 m.p.g. and has a smaller tank than the MDX (18.5 vs. 19.3 gallons). Bottom line is that the MDX is our fuel efficient car because it gets about 85 miles more per tank; at least that's what consumerreports says...
I have done Highway driving mostly, and averaged about 22 MPG. I am still in the breakin period. 2nd tank of gas.
I just got back from a trip to Reno tonight. I got about 20.5mpg on my way up there from San Jose. That included quite a bit of traffic. I got 25mpg on my way back. Used only a half tank of gas. I'm quite happy considering this is quite a heavy vehicle.
The navigation system was great avoiding some of the traffic by using the alternative detour routes. I probably saved about 30 to 40 minutes... I think this is a must have for those holiday vacationers fighting the traffic.
Gas mileage

I average about 21 mpg in mixed highway and city traffic (70/30) on a daily basis. Definitely not less than 17mpg.The highest mileage that I've received is 27 mpg from NYC to Philadelphia.
I usually average about 17-18 mpg during my normal commuting from the burbs to downtown. On my trip to Gainesville last weekend for the Gators v. 'Nole game (approx. 250 miles roundtrip from Orlando), my mpg was exactly 20.1 according to the trip computer, which is more points than the 'Noles scored against the Gators :p This consisted of everything from high speed (85+mph on some stretches of highway) to bumper to bumper game day traffic in Gainesville. On a couple of mostly highway trips to the gulf coast beaches I've averaged 22 mpg, but I noticed that while actually driving the speed limit on the highway the computer would indicate 25+ mpg. Thus, like most SUVs the MDX mileage begins to plummet the faster you go above roughly 70 mph due to aerodynamic drag. I think I read somewhere that the EPA computes highway mpg at an average speed of only 45 mph, so IMO it will be difficult for most boxy SUVs to attain the EPAs highway mpg in real life highway driving of say 75 mph where the drag is way higher than it is at 45 mph. This might explain why I almost always see other SUVs chugging along in the slow lane on the highway when I whiz past them in the fast lane :)
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28.5 mpg

On a recent trip from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg (about 60 miles) I got 28.5 mpg. I was following someone going the speed limit and slowing with each incline, but that is the best mileage I have had.

I usually get btwn 24-25 hgwy and 18-19 city.
Highway: 23.7 heading East, 20.2 heading west (headwinds)
City: 14.7 in town, 18.5 mixed around town.
Use 94 Octane

Had it 8 days and have 1500 miles on the O already!
MrPrescott said:
Highway: 23.7 heading East, 20.2 heading west (headwinds)
City: 14.7 in town, 18.5 mixed around town.
Use 94 Octane

Had it 8 days and have 1500 miles on the O already!

What part of Kentucky? I grew up in Western Kentucky in Leitchfield in Grayson County (near Bowling Green / E-town / Fort Knox).
I now have 6k miles and the idiot light is on telling me it's service time. I have never broken the 22 mpg barrier. I am always about 21.4 or so. Been that way since the first tank of gas. During the summer I am lucky to get into the 20's with the AC on.

Just got back from a fairly flat 1000 trip. Same trip I took twice before, the first time in the first 500 miles. Same results.

It sure sounds like that Californian drivers are getting less mileage than other states. This is just my own observation. Are there any Californians getting more than 23 mpg?
23 mpg? I haven't ever broke or come close to 20... All this time, I thought everyone was exaggerating to imply that their X was better than mine...:)
I broke above 36 mpg (NOT kidding), but it is a trip from Glacier Point (top of Yosemite) to the city of Mariposa, a 50 mile trip, mostly down hill from 9000 ft to 1000 ft at an average speed of 45 mph. On the same trip, from San Jose to Yosemite Valley, taking CA 120, the mileage is 22.4 mpg with an average speed of 55 mph overall.

Last weekend, going to LA on I5, I averaged 80 mph (cruise set at 85 mph) and got only 20.2 mpg. On the way back, it was bumper to bumper traffic and lots of stop and go on I5 - can't believe it. The mileage increased to 21.6

Normal commute in the South Bay fluctuates between 18 and 19.5 mpg.

BYW, I always on Full Auto for the climate control system.
We got 23 MPG on our trips to and from Lake Tahoe last winter.

But typically we get around 17 MPG during the Bay Area commute up the Penninsula.

Would love to get up to the 19 MPG level on a regular basis.:)
I am now convinced that Granite Green MDXs get about 4 mpg less than their Mesa Beige and Redrock Pearl counterparts. Perhaps the GG paint is more dense... maybe they added some matter from a collapsed star to the paint? Could it be Bin Laden is behind this?
I never accelerate heavily and I am very certain that I haven't been driving with the parking brake on... I just don't understand how everyone can break the 18 mpg barrier.

Am I calculating this wrong? Basically, I reset the trip odometer when I put in gas. The next time I fill it up, I take the amount of gas that goes in and divide that into the number of miles I drove, and then I start over by reseting the trip odemeter again, right?
We average 18-21 mpg around the SF Bay Area with about 60% freeway driving. It drops to 17 mpg when driving around in SF itself. That's not bad for a vehicle that size, I feel.
I have difficulty breaking 17mpg on my normal commute which is about 60 percent local in respect to distance. But than I only have 1000 miles on my MDX and hope that it gets better as the engine settles in.

It is not fair that we Californians pay the highest gas price and yet, we get the crappiest gas mileage.... :mad:
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