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Hey everyone, so I moved into a new home one year ago. It did not have a garage, so waited the year out.

In the process now of getting it built. Like almost 90% of the homes in my area it will be detached.

I have been going back and forth trying to decide what type of flooring to go with. Been doing a lot of research, joined to help in my research as well.

Jumped on the Sherwin Williams sale last week and bought their H&C shield-crete epoxy, but may return it. Have seen people using VCT, the locking tiles, but that option is real expensve, and now, to my surprises on rectified porcelain tiles. Which look amazing. An you can find tiles in clearance for under .99/sq.ft.

Can't wait for the garage to get done, as I get another project to do around the house, with the shelving an flooring.

Curious to see what some of you guys have done in regards to flooring in your garages. How have they held up? Do you guys do work on your cars in them?
I have tried 3 different garage floors in my home of 30 years.
The first was original concrete with sealer.
The second was commercial grade vinyl in alternating black and white tiles. As with most things…looked great in the beginning…then tried everything to keep the white tiles looking clean and white. I was unsuccessful most of the time, esp where the tires traveled over. It was also very slick when wet.
Thirdly, I tried the 2 part epoxy with metal flake look. Company guaranteed that salt from Pa winters and heat from hot tires would not affect it. They were wrong on both counts.
Moved into a new home last year…..plain concrete with sealer is the best option for me.
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