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I have a 2017 MDX, about 3 months after I purchased the car I was driving from salt lake to Vegas. About one hour outside of Vegas the car started puttering, the control panel went crazy with all the warning lights and warning commands. I was able to get off the freeway by rolling, no power to the car at all. I let the car sit as it was very hot, and tried to drive again. Car started but wouldn’t actually move. Like it didn’t have gas. Ended up getting towed to the dealership. They said it worked fine when it got there and I just needed to use higher octane fuel and Vegas gas because it is mixed for the heat. What?! I could only fill up in Vegas, I dont think so!

One year later I’m driving from Vegas to LA...same thing starts to happen. I recognized it as the same issue and pulled off the freeway while I still had a bit of Power. Called my service rep, he said it would still drive but I should probably head to a dealer. Funny thing I had filled in Vegas and have always used the highest octane fuel. Fuel was over half full.

Nearest dealer was 100 miles, so I headed off. Car started doing the same thing every 100 yards or so. Finally after getting stuck completely in the middle of traffic, in stop and go, and after trying to rest and re-start several times, I called roadside assistance. Why in the world is my 65k car not reliable?! Is anyone else having this issue?
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