I originally purchased this hitch for my 2019 A-Spec. I needed a tow hitch but did not want to lose the "cool" looking rear bumper diffuser/lower valance, whatever. I also did not want a receiver hanging out the back at all times. The kit came with plug and play wiring for 4 pin. I opted to buy oem harness parts because I wanted the 7 pin plug. The kit comes with the standard removable 2" receiver component. I purchased the additional tow hitch and ball component. As you can see, it comes with installation instructions. These are no longer being made by Stealth Hitches as far as I know. For those unfamiliar, this basically mounts the main portion underneath your car, hidden away. Then you use the quick install/release to attach the receiver tube or tow hitch/ball only when you need them.

I originally paid 750+ for the kit and 130+ for the oem wiring. I am asking 500 for both. I have sold and shipped plenty of wheels, tires and even a transmission in a box before lol. So I am willing to work with you for pick up or shipping options. I can link you my other forum, eBay, and etc... accounts for selling background. I understand this is a pretty niche product but if you happen to want this specific setup, you can get it cheap here as I no longer need it. Thanks for looking!