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I am selling a set of German HIDs. They are 9007 bulb (NOT for the Acura MDX) fitment with Hella ballasts and (unidentified but probably Philips) 6000K bulbs. They are in like new condition and were installed for 3 days in a Ford F250. I have posted them here because I am a member here and I'd rather let somebody here get ahold of them than put them on Ebay or something like that.

This is a complete kit and comes with everything needed to install them. They have a 1 year warranty from the company I bought them from and I guarantee they are as represented here.

Once again, they are NOT for ACURA MDX, but I know they fit a Ford pickup. These are 9007 bulb replacements.

These are the German ones, the same type as those going in the group purchase for ...$499?

I need to get $450 shipped for them.

I can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thanks, Steve
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