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All 3 Items will fit 2014-2020 Acura MDX. Please note the trim requirements.

Seat Covers - SOLD
Acura part # 08P32-TZ5-210B
2nd Row Bench Seat
Used - Normal Wear/Tear (Washable)

Rear Cargo Mat (Foldable) - SOLD
Acura Part # 08U45-TZ5-200C
Used - In great condition

Weathertech All Season FloorLiners - SOLD
Part #: 44576-1-2-3 (Black)
All 3 rows (Non Hybrid Model/Bench Seat 2nd Row)
Used - Good condition with slight normal wear/tear

Automotive tire Tire Automotive design Grey Font
Outerwear Glove Safety glove Sleeve Gesture
Comfort Automotive design Automotive tire Luggage and bags Rectangle
Luggage and bags Bag Grey Tints and shades Font

Grille Rectangle Wood Road surface Automotive tire

Automotive tire Sleeve Grey Font Motor vehicle
Sleeve Grey Bag Denim Luggage and bags
Automotive tire Wood Tread Grey Font
Rectangle Gesture Grey Wood Road surface
Automotive tire Wood Automotive design Grey Rectangle
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