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I'm risking two different subjects in the same posting, but here goes.

Some obviously unfamiliar with MDX's is advertising an OEM "front bumper guard" on Ebay. (I've probably done myself in for bidding by even mentioning it!) The thing looks like it fits on the front bumper. Bridges the license plate and has openings for the fog lights. I've never seen or heard of anything like this, but it looks official. Can't find it on Tim's site or any others. Is this a real thing? Would it help protect the front of the vehicle?


Lower body trim has been discussed in various forums on this site, but I can't find anything like that on any websites either. Some said that purchased it from Tim, but it's sure not on his current listing. Any clues about what this is, how much it costs, what difference it makes, and where to get it?

Dave Finkleman, 2002 Touring, Mesa Beige, lots of doodads.
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