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Hey gang,

So as of a couple months ago, the fan/blower for the front of the car isn't coming on every time I start it up. However, I can typically get it to kick on if I apply the "caveman method" of fixing things, and given the underside of the dash near the glove compartment a swift beating with the heal of my hand. Sometimes it takes more than one beating, but, thus far, I've been able to revive it each time it hasn't worked from start up. Any ideas if this is an indication of the fan going out, a loose connection, a relay going bad? I don't have the 2011 MDX repair manual, so I'm not sure exactly what things look like behind that portion of the dash or what exactly the "aggressive physical manipulation" is doing to "fix" the issue.

Oh, and before someone suggest just having the dealer look at it, I'm at 120K miles and past my 100K extended warranty, so getting butt raped at the dealer is not high on my priority list after getting cornholed by Hurricane Harvey already. :crying2:

Jeff in Houston
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