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Front air deflector

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Does anyone have a good photo of an MDX with the front air deflector installed? The one photo I've seen does not show it clearly.
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I have no picture because it wasn't on the vehicle long enough. I had the factory deflector installed at my local dealership and before I got six blocks down the street the wind noise kicked up. It was worse on the Interstate; even my WIFE noticed it! Back to the dealer for removal and full credit. As an aside, the dealer in Williamsville, NY, told me they have installed an after-market model that doesn't seem to cause this problem. Just an FYI.
Incidentally, the dealer in Williamsville NY is me :D

Check out , I have them for sale on the site.
mbatche and others....yep, go see Tim for aftermarket deflector. I installed mine in about 10 minutes. Can be removed in about 3 minutes, now that I know what I am doing. No holes. Slick. And no rock dings.
deflector question

octavian and anyone who wants to respond,

I imagine that the front air deflector helps minimize rock hits on the hood. (Afterall, this is its purpose!) But does it also help minimize rock hits on the windshield?

Does anyone get rock hits on their windshield AND have Tim's front air deflector?


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I'd love to see some wind tunnel tests of the air deflector but in my experience, the deflector will not stop most stones from hitting the windshield.

Most stones/rocks are simply too heavy and you are going too slow for the rushing air to be able to grab the stone and deflect it up over the windshield.

Why, even butterflies hit my windshield. Tho I have to say squashed bugs appear in lesser proportions than without the deflector.

Bottom line for me is that the deflector helps a lot to protect the leading edge of the hood, but offers less protection elsewhere.
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