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Free car wash at Acura Dealer??

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Read some messages in this forums where MDX owners gets free car wash when having the car serviced at Acura dealers, is it true for all Acura dealers? This is new to me because my MDX is the first car I bought subjected to LUXURY tax, so may be this is one of the free perks of owning a luxury car :)
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My dealer always washes my MDX... even if I tell them not to :) Still get the mirror leaks when they wash it tho' :(

Free car wash ... yes

My dealer here in Las Vegas says that they wash all cars when brought in for service. I presume that they just run it through a car wash, but I haven't brought my MDX in yet.
Luxury Service

Is up to the individual dealership. There's no Acura-mandated, nationwide, dealer-wide policy that states every dealer must provide a certain range of services.

My dealership (Acura of Bellevue) always provides a car wash and interior vacuum with services. They're also very good for loaners if you bought the vehicle with them.

I think Infiniti is the only luxe brand that has some mandated policies, namely on loaners? I think this used to be the case.

On Edmunds most Lexus owners seem to always get a loaner and pampered service. Generally a majority of the MB owners claim they do too, but some complain of getting a Neon for a loaner (then again, some get only MB loaners).

At the much higher dollar range (we're talking $60k for a vehicle), some dealerships come to you, drop off the loaner, pick up your vehicle for servicing and drive it to the service department. And of course do the reverse when the service is done. Obviously that costs money, though, so they're going to make it up somehow.

P.S. you can reduce luxury tax by pricing accessories separately.
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My dealer (Acura of Pleasanton in the S.F. Bay Area) washed my MDX when I took it in for its first oil change. I will NEVER allow them to wash it again. Damn driver's mirror leaked and spotted the side of the vehicle for FOUR days! It was almost as if the car washer knew about the mirror problem and stood next to the MDX for five minutes shooting a high-pressure water hose directly into the mirror housing. Besides, it added nearly a half-hour to the wait. I plan on taking the MDX back to the dealer again for the 7500 mile engine oil and VTM oil change, but for standard oil changes after that, I'll probably go back to the same 15-minute express oil change facility I've used for the past 15 years.
Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but my New Beetle was washed
anytime I brought it in for service too.
At our dealership, service ask the customer if they would like to have their car washed. I have asked our lot attendants to put bags over the MDX mirrors when washing, thanks to all of you folks. I've still not had a customer complain to me personally about the mirrors but I agree they do tend to hold a few hundred gallons of water. I take that back, my customers that moniter this site have said something.
pjbfish said:
Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but my New Beetle was washed anytime I brought it in for service too.
Nah, you're not bursting anyone's bubble. It's all dependent on your dealership, regardless of brand. However, I'd bet that the percentage of VW dealers offering free washes and, more critically, readily-available free loaners is probably lower than Acura and certainly Lexus. But that's not to say that, for example, your local Ford dealership might not offer easy loaners as well.

It's a nice, warm, fuzzy touch (leaking mirrors aside), to at least offer it.

A bit off-topic, but I had a nice experience when we were contemplating a VW Passat 4Motion station wagon. The salesperson was very low pressure, and he let us take the vehicle, and if had wanted to, we could have had it for a day, returning it the next day. Granted that MDX's are in too short a supply for that kind of treatment, but my local Acura dealership didn't let you do that with their readily-available Integras and CL's, and the 4Motion wagon is a $30k+ vehicle. (I guess some would frown at getting a new car with some miles on it, so there's a flip side to this too. Though they could always let you do the "extended test drive" with a loaner.)

Then again, with an 8-cylinder Passat expected to be luxuriously equipped and selling for well into the 30's, and a VW SUV around the corner that'll probably option out to $40k at the high end, it's not like VW is a low-end brand anymore! They're now trying to be "an affordable" German alternative to BMW and MB.
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Well, my Ford Dealership never washed my Exploder when I brought it in for service or more likely for a safety recall.

My Acura Dealer has always washed my vehicles (Integra, TL and MDX) for any service done. It is a hand wash under an overhang and they do a great job. Luckily, I haven't seen a huge problem with the mirror leakage (more like a cup vs gallons).
I've only been to service (Acura or Concord, CA) once for a repair of "the Thud." It was washed, vacuumed, and had tire treatment when I went to pick it up. They even sprayed it with new car fragrance (or maybe it was just getting back in my new MDX after a day in the loaner). No problem with leaky mirror here, but maybe you just can't see it much on mesa beige. We also always get washes with our MB and a previous Lexus. No washes with Volvo, Jeep, or Nissan in my experience.
Does anybody have the link to the Leaking Mirror thread? I'll be getting my MDX in about 2-3 months and was wondering if I was going to get the same problems.

Also, what fluid does the VTM use? ATF or Differential Oil?

Dealer washed the X after service, BUT

I appreciate the wash, as part of their service, especially
to remove road salt in winter months, but after it was washed,
they parked it outside, we got a dusting of snow in the afternoon.....
I go pickup the X after work, and everything
was frozen shut. It was a combination of wet MDX, falling
temperatures, and a little snow.

Not a big deal, but if your going to offer great service, consider
all the factors, bringing it back in the service bay would have been
nice so I could get back into a clean X upon pickup.

Just my 2 cents.:cool:
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