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For Northern CA Zainoheads

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Would any of you be interested in a subgroup buy of Zaino products? I noticed that the product is a bit cheaper by the case. You save about a buck a bottle, some more , some less. If we can get enough people interested in each product, we can each buy a designated case (and get our free Z7), then we can maybe meet after all the cases have come in, have some lunch, shoot the breeze, exchange bottles and $$.

Obviously, we need to get at least 12 units for each of the products. I did not say 12 people because we all have different washing habits. Some of us may need more Z6, Z7, or applicators.

I don't have any Zaino products but based on the glowing recommendations of people on this board, I am ready to basically buy one of each of the products except for Z3 and Z1 (I am going for the ZFX to save time). I will also get an extra Z6, and 2 additional applicators.

I realize some of you may have already ordered, but for those who have not, let me know if you are interested. The first 12 requests for each product will get priority. I will take on the trouble of organizing who orders what.

I can only put together units of 12 so if there are 11 requests, then we can't do that product. Or if there are 14 requests for a product, then the last 2 requests can't be done. I know that if we just put in a big order, we'll really save on shipping but then we won't get the free Z7 and one person will be stuck with incurring a big cost. This way we can spread it around.

Since the deadline is the 25th (two weeks from now), how about we set this deadline for the 18th (one week from now) so we can straighted out the details in time.

Please respond if you are interested, which product, and what quantity. Thanks and sorry for the long post.

- Christian -
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