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Fog lights

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What needs to be done to get the fog lights to work without the lowbeams? A. fogs on with parking lights
B. fogs on with both low beams and high beams (I accomplish this by holding the highbeam on as in flash the highbeam mode). This gives you L O T S of light close up as well as far off - great for those deserted Cape Cod roads (that are only deserted in the winter).

Seems to me there must be a simple solution to get the relay to hold the fogs on . . .
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First, don't even attempt this if you're not really into electricity. You don't want to burn your X.

Second, buy an Electrical Troubleshooting manual from , so that you can see what you're doing. Page 110-2 shows two red/blk wires coming off pin 1 of the Taillight relay, going to the parking and taillights. [red/blk means a red wire with a black stripe]

Page 110-13 shows the foglight controls. You'll want to disconnect the white/red wire from terminal 5 of the headlight switch (which goes to the foglight switch) and connect it to either of the red/blk wires above. It's probably easier to find the red/blk wires at the parking/side marker lamps. This will allow fogs with parking lamps or low beams.

To add fogs with high beams, you must disconnect the wht/blu wire from terminal 9 of the headlight switch and connect it to the blk wire on terminal 11 of the headlight switch, or to ground (same thing).

Is this even legal where you live? Will it pass inspection? It wouldn't in many states, unfortunately.

Read my first paragraph again.
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I've been away. I am very comfortable with electricity - The trouble shooting guide is on back order with no known delivery date. Can you either scan and email the appropriate pages or fax them to me? Let me know and I will send you a private message with the info.

By the way - I assume the wiring change you describe still allows the fog light switch to operate. I do want to be able to turn them off.

Thanks, Steve
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