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I went on the Acura site to seek Bay Area dealers. Sent the few an email contact letter requesting a test drive.
Steven Creek Acura jumped first, responding with 2 emails and 2 phone calls. I was clear I preferred being contacted by email only.

They only handle road tests with appointments on week days.

Second response was from Hopkins Acura. Very precise and to the point. They have 3 MDX 'loaners' they keep working all week but are free to drive on the weekends.

There was just something in their tone or wording that sounded more professional and less desparate.

Steven's Creek also responded with their packages for base, navi, and all came with optional packages which included wheel locks, running boards, and rear mud flaps. After a quick calculation they were a good $400 over MSRP.

By the way, anybody ever use CarBargains, etc.. or is a pure MSRP price the best one can get on an 'X'?
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