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Well, whenever I'm looking to do something silly with my MDX, searches always take me to this site. I feel that quite a few threads end up with "don't bother, it's not meant for that".

I've owned my '01 MDX for about 15 years now and have really loved it as my needs have changed. I'm near the point of outgrowing its capabilities, but going to keep her for a while longer I suppose. I thought I'd add a few photos of my vehicle doing silly things. It's been a great workhorse. Camping trips etc. cross country drives, moves, holds a family of five and all of our gear. Can put four bikes on the back no problem. I use all 7 seats all the time.

The rack I made is so I can haul sheet goods (plywood/drywall) or lumber/moulding for home improvement projects. without having to fold down any seats. I've done that for a short distance with a few hundred bricks in the back.

I have the air suspension bags in the back to help out when the load gets heavy.

BF Goodrich KO2 tires help with the look and make the most of the VTM-4. No rock crawler by any means, but certainly there with the Subarus who go off road.

Towed plenty. Put in a very good stereo years ago and I can't see spending 50-60k to replace it. Probably more silly pictures if there's interest.



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