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We bought a used 2014 MDX with Advance & Tech package at the end of last year. It only had 11K miles on it. It is primarily my wife's car.

With two recalls due (CMBS and A/C), I figured it was time to get to the closest dealer 1.5 hours away.

I'll be taking it to Luther Acura in Bloomington, MN next week.

After giving them the VIN, they confirmed the recalls as well as a S/W update.

I have an oil drain plug that appears to be leaking as well.

I've noticed the touch screen climate controls freak out a few times as well.. disappearing for seconds at a time, and going in and out at times. I've noted that to be looked at as well.

Aside from a slightly squeak coming from the 2nd row seat somewhere, the MDX has performed very well and my wife is very pleased with it's comfort and sporty handling and performance when she demands it.

I'll document anything noteworthy in this thread later next week.
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