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Finally here!

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Just got my Redrock MDX touring/nav on Friday. A most welcome improvement over our 94 Exploder which we traded in.
The memory seats are awesome, I'm 6'4" and my wife is 5'2". No more adjusting, just hit the button.

It feels very at home to drive, most all the controls are the same as my TL, plus you sit up higher. My wife drove it to work today and I begged her to trade and let me drive it instead. She obviously said no!
It's so nice I can't beleive i'm toying with the idea of trading in my TL for a his and hers MDX.

We test drove an Odyssey last month and loved it, but I couldn't take the road noise. After driving the 'X all weekend i'm very pleased with the lack of road noise.

Now we look forward to many happy years of MDX'ing.

Thanks everyone for your input on this board, Thanks Tim for the great deals.
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Congrats:p !! Hope you enjoy yours (your wife's) as much as we do. The memory seats are one of the main reasons we got it - at first and among other things. My husband likes weedends the best so he can drive "Maddie". The guys in his office really give him a hard time about not getting to drive it and tell me about it every chance they get:). If we didn't actually NEED a pickup for some things we might concider being a 2 MDX family. :D
ENJOY:) :p :D :cool:
'94 Exploder...

Just out of curiousity, how much did you get for your trade-in? I'm surprised they took it as they really have no need to bargain with you considering they're sticking to MSRP.

I've got a '94 Explorer XLT and plan to pick up a MDX within the year.


Welcome, congrats, and good luck on getting that MDX--once the wife gets it, there's no winning it back! We went for the touring package PURELY for the memory seats--I'm 6'3", she's 5'. Really, quite a convenience, though its available in most higher end cars today...

Question: Have you test-driven or taken a ride in an '01? I'm just curious about the road noise compared with the '02 Oddy...

Welcome again!

I drove both the 01 and 02. I did not find significant road noise changes from 01 to 02, but the wind noise is significantly less in the 02.

You will love so many of the features of the X, but we, too, are a challenged couple with regard to being vertically equivalent!;) ;) 6'3" vs 5'1"..........:rolleyes: Therefore, the memory seats are wonderful! Just like the heated seats, moonroof, rear a/c.........could go on forever!:D

Hope you have a great time driving (when she lets you);)!!!
JGoodbody, I took a beating on the Exploder.
It was an XLT with every available factory option, moonroof, running boards, factory tow package, auto headlamps, auto dimming mirror, leather, premium sound with CD, and only 67000 miles.
I can't believe the depreciation on the thing, but that's the way Ford's are. The dealer gave me 6k on it and will probably send it to auction. At least I don't have to sell it myself now with all the rollover and Firestone problems.
I also got a lifetime oil change deal and a discount on an extended warranty. They were so tight they wouldn't consider splash guards and wheel locks. I even tried just get the parts only so I could install myself, but they wouldn't budge.
So I guess they "made me" order a bunch of stuff from Tim today instead. LOL
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