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final cost???

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Ok. We've finally decided to get the MDX. (hubby wanted the X5 - but, NO fold up seats, therefore, can't haul 7 passengers.)

I've been to 3 dealers in Atlanta and have yet to get a final drive out price from anyone.

I KNOW what the sticker price is and that's all I can get them to tell me. Sticker plus taxes and fees. What I need to know is what kind of dealer costs/fee the Acura people tack on. I'm really getting irritated. I'm not going to go sign papers and pay $500 to order a car that I can't get an up front quote on.

Can anyone tell me if they bought their MDX in Atlanta - where they bought it and exactly what they paid?
I'm looking for a 2002 with touring and nav and gold decals.
Doesn't sound difficult to price.
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Sticker is the price

The reason they won't talk about actual prices is because they probably already have -- it's MSRP.

Sticker for a Touring nav is like 39,730 including destination. Add in the gold package and that's your price. The gold is actually broken up into gold exhaust, gold inner grill, and gold rear badge. You can get an idea of prices from the website, or do it yourself from our friend Tim at

Good luck. The best most people get under MSRP is some free rear flaps or a cargo cover.
Additional fees

The only additional fees you should agree to is 100-150 for the Tag work, along with any sales tax or use tax for your state...
If your dealer just works with you on MSRP and no force options stuff, you should consider yourself lucky.

I still don't see any MDX on the lot sitting idle so your chance is limited to your luck... And the dealers know that.

Total costs depend on where you are. I don't have the breakdown in front of me but here are some of the components:

Vehicle - MSRP
Luxury tax - 4% on everything above $38000.
State tax
Department of Motor Vehicle (tag) tax
Tire tax (in CA it's $1 per tire)
Documentation fee
so, make it simple-

have them stipulate:

"MSRP as published by Acura ($______) plus any tax and other fees mandated by any government agency. No other fees shall be charged or paid."

THis gets around the "bend over" $495 'documentation fee' some dealers charge. The phrase "mandated by" takes care of additional junk fees they might try.

You don't NEED to pay the dealer to do title, tax, tags etc. Everybody does, but it isn't a requirement (how do private party car sales get done?). It IS certainly easier, but only if the cost is in line.

If you are just needing a price, figure it based on the other posters- it will be within a few just don't want the price to vary based on who you buy it from...

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Yesterday, I just got my 02' MDX (touring pkg w/ NAV) at MSRP + a lot of accessories (Not forced, I chose them. total $1887, inculding running board, fend flare, moonroof visor, side molding, all season floor mats, wood meter panel, and free cargo tray, wheel locks, and rear splash guards). Driving-out price is close to $45,000.

That is good, right?

Well I may have to sell it soon because of oversea assignmen:eek:
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