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After 20 years of accident free driving, I get into a scape in my 2 week old MDX...thats life I guess.

Tim, any idea how much a new replacement nose piece and chin costs ? Thats the all in one bumber cover/grille etc. I'm trying to decide whether or not it needs to be an insurance job.

Luckily that is the only was a gentle thud.

Interested in just the parts cost, and any guess what a body shop would charge to replace it.

Do they come pre-painted (mine is black) or does the body shop need to paint them ?

Any input welcome.

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Sorry to hear about your accident :(

I can answer your question in part now....the bumper cover comes in just flat black plastic, but we can paint it and send it to you. The replacement of the bumper is acrtually pretty easy.

I can't give you an accurate price right at the moment because we're closed up for the Christmas holiday, but give me a ring on Wednesday when we're back in and I'd be glad to work up some numbers for you.
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