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2004 MDX Touring
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I turn the key click. I turn the steering wheel to 10 o'clock sometimes starts. I jiggle the key in the cylinder sometimes it starts. I take key out flip it and insert for... sometimes it starts.
Obviously the angle of the dangle was jacked up. I bought ignition switch assembly- cable key cylinder, key with mobilizer ring for 50 bucks. I didn't have a hammer and oversized to jar the sheer bolts loose for replacement of the key cylinder so I started with the cable. The cable to snakes its way through places a man hand just can't go ending behind the junction box.
Took it all apart. Installed the connections correctly so they were not braided or twisted up with neighboring wires. How this thing didn't catch on fire.. oh the fuse box was a little warped. Not enough to warrant replacement but enough to keep my eye on it and relocate small fire extinguisher under driver seat.
Here we go. All buttoned up and ready to turn the key. CLICK.
All I could do was laugh so I could hide my tears of failure. About to work out my anger with that hammer on those sheer bolts tomorrow. If I get another CLICK....
During all of this I was using a Innova 5610. Not particularly impressed with this unit for the price. Half the tests don't work on 04 mdx. Before I figured out the codes that were being thrown may not in fact be legitimate there was IAT sensor high voltage. I replaced the sensor. Code didn't come back when I scan but still keeps it on report you push as a current log file after clearing. Still seeing intermittent lean mixture bank 1 bank 2. VTM errors can and comm failure. Power training failure. But not vtm-4

Any other words of advice welcome.
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