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Funny enough, I emailed you yesterday on this Tim and you came through this morning with the diagram.

Thank you VERY much!

The attached photo (at the bottom of this post) that Tim emailed me will help anyone looking to utilize aftermarket amplifiers so that the factory amplifier output (18-pin harness) can be wired to a universal DSP (OEM interface) device such as any of the following:

Mosconi 6to8v8

Audison bit One

Alpine PXA-H800

JL Audio CleanSweep

Here's a technical breakdown of 3 of the first 4 aforementioned DSPs:[FONT=.HelveticaNeueUI]

[/FONT]Note: The upgraded Mosconi 6to8v8 device now has 8 Volt outputs, instead of 4 Volts on its predecessor, the 6to8.

After reading this:

Audible Physics / Zapco Install in an 08 Acura MDX - Car Audio | | Car Stereo Forum


2008 MDX Stereo Install

You will ONLY use "Connector B", the 18-pin harness.

You will NOT use "Connector A", the 20-pin harness (base model MDX) or 28-pin harness (Technology/Advance MDX models) because it connects directly to the factory head unit.

From "Connector B", the 18-pin connector, you will use:

Note: These are Speaker-level outputs from the factory amplifier:

Note: The following pinouts are ONLY for Technology/Advance MDX models. Refer to the attached photo at the bottom of this post for Base model MDXs:

Front Channel:

Left Channel: Green/Pin 7 (negative) and White/Pin 16 (positive)

Right Channel: Brown/Pin 6 (negative) and Red/Pin 15 (positive)

Rear Channel:

Left Channel: Purple/Pin 4 (negative) and Pink/Pin 13 (positive)

Right Channel: Orange/Pin 3 (negative) and Blue/Pin 12 (positive)

Subwoofer Channel if necessary:

Note: This is a Line-level input that feeds the Subwoofer Amplifier, which is located inside the Subwoofer enclosure, located in the right-side cargo area. This line can still be utilized to feed the Subwoofer inputs on a DSP if desired.
That way, your Subwoofer audio control on your factory head unit can still be utilized.

Subwoofer Channel:

Pink/Pin 1 (negative) and Blue/Pin 10 (positive)
hey, i wanna put line out converted have any idea what colors i have to use from the connector A?
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