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What extras did you purchase?

  • Extended Warranty

    Votes: 18 90.0%
  • Undercoating

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Clearcoating to protect the paint

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Extended Warranty, Undercoating, etc.

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Who purchased the extras?
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How about an option for none of the above?
I can't see any of those options worth what the dealers are charging for them, I also opt for the "none of the above" choice!!!
would it make more sense to add "none of the above" in this poll to give people an idea of the relative percentage of choices? I would be interested in this statistic.

i've just received mine 2 weeks ago and an considering buying the 7 year 100,000 mile waranty i saw it on two companies on the internet for about $1,100. at first i decided not to opt for warranty and didn't even ask dealer cost but i'm considering i believe i have up to one year and 10,000 miles to get before the price would increase. main consern is the electronics navagation system and advanced 4 wheel drive sysytem. one big factor is wheather you lease or purchased, would only consider if purchased and plan on keeping past the present warranty period on problem with one of the above mentioned would pay for itself and be worth the price especially the navagation system 1.the screen may burn out or dim after years of use, 2. the dvd unit under passenger seat make need replacement which also would be worth it. also troubleshooting there be a need can be expensive. the vehicle itself probably doesn't need and wouldn't have the need, but all advanced features are making me lead towards considering the extended warrannty not whether or not to get dealer waranty or the other waranties out there any input please forward have a great holiday everyone and enjoy your mdx's:D :D :D :D
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I surely didn't. Those dealer extras are a complete waste of $$$!
I am waiting for mid April to get my X and also considering the extended warranty as I will not be leasing and share Paul123's concerns. As the X hasn't been on the road long enough no one can say for sure how the Nav and VTM-4 will hold up as it gets older(for that matter the rest of the drive train, engine, etc.). I had two Audi quattro's with out quattro problems but it is a different system.

I wonder how the screens on other vehicle NAVS, etc. hold up as they get older? What about the other electronics-accessories?

Anyway Iam planning to keep my X for a while so I am leaning towards the extended warranty- As Paul123 mentions one major repair would pay for it.

More input from others would be helpful.

Pricing on Warranty

If anyone considering the purchase of an extended warranty check out peabody acura in Mass. they were able to beat the website warranty on the internet from springfield acura in New Jersey. was able to get the 7 year 100,000 $0 deductable for $1700 instead of the springfield acura cost of $1750. Try to get when purchase and the dealer may even beat these prices.
I actually did buy the extended warranty from the Dealer, it was $1095 for 7 year 75,000 miles

I thought that was pretty damn good, and like the posts above have said, this awd is somewhat new...and things have a habit going wrong at once the day after your warranty expires.

the warranty from the dealer fully extends the new car warranty...i know some of the aftermarket warranties are not as comprehensive

None of the above

Me too, I'd like to see a choice for "none of the above."
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