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get the Acura one if you get it...

We went ahead and got the 100000/7 yr one from Acura for about $1600(maybe 1675?).

It was a question of getting the Acura one or not getting one at all. We have had a non-manufacturer provided one before on another car and it was a real pain. The dealer had to work with a third party insurance company on what is covered. It took a lot of extra time and sometimes we had to pay for all of it and then get reimbursed.

This was our logic: 1) We really feel that the MDX didn't need the extended warranty. 2) However, getting one was for peace of mind. 3) If we wanted peace of mind, why deal with a third party that increases the hassle factor?

We just put 1600 miles on the vehicle in the last 6 weeks. Looking back, I would skip the warranty... well, maybe. :)
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