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Extended Waranty's

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ant advice on where to purchase an extended warranty. am i better off going back to acura to purchase or buying from the different companies on the web. i'm nervious with the internet companies but not sure if they cover more and can get same protection for the money looking to get 7 year 100,000 mile protection for entire vehicle with no deductable that will cover gps navation system in additional to everything else. pricing i saw was $1100-$1400 on the aftermarket companies i didn't go back to acura yet anyone know what acura is charging for this type od coverage. believe it or not was nor offered at time of purchase if i wanted or not any information would be greatly appreciated. have a happy holiday and a healthy new year everyone:D
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get the Acura one if you get it...

We went ahead and got the 100000/7 yr one from Acura for about $1600(maybe 1675?).

It was a question of getting the Acura one or not getting one at all. We have had a non-manufacturer provided one before on another car and it was a real pain. The dealer had to work with a third party insurance company on what is covered. It took a lot of extra time and sometimes we had to pay for all of it and then get reimbursed.

This was our logic: 1) We really feel that the MDX didn't need the extended warranty. 2) However, getting one was for peace of mind. 3) If we wanted peace of mind, why deal with a third party that increases the hassle factor?

We just put 1600 miles on the vehicle in the last 6 weeks. Looking back, I would skip the warranty... well, maybe. :)
paul123 said:
ant advice on where to purchase an extended warranty. am i better off going back to acura to purchase or buying from the different companies on the web..
My salesman made no mentioning of any extended warranty or any other extra items to buy. Do you have a web site where the extended warranty is explained?

Also I heard that you can buy extended warranty just prior to the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty so an individual should not be in a hurry to get this thing, right?

My past experience on my BMW I got an extended warranty which did cover a fix on about the price I paid for the cost of warranty. Acura repair will be expensive although it is a trade-off on whether to get one or not.
My acura dealer wanted $1800 for the 7/100k no deduct. warranty.. But I leased so I am not worrying about it. I bought an extended warranty for my last car and was glad I did. Several repair bills more than made up for the cost of the warranty... but then again it *was* an american car, only came with a 3/36k. Kept it for 6 six years...
acura warranty

thanks for the feedback everyone. i heard that if want to purchase warranty have to buy the 1st year under 12,000 miles or the cost is inflated. does anybody know if the acura extended warranty will cover the gps navation system that's what i believe could be the most costly to fix or if the monitor needs replacement could be costly. that in and of itself would make it worth buying. i pretty sure the other mechanics are pretty safe for the 7 year period. :D
Paul, I think dealer cost on a 7yr 100k w/ zero detuctable is about $1495.00 Most dealers want to make $400-$800 so what ever you can negotiate. Acuras extended warranty covers the nav but many after market warranties have a lot of loop holes in them. During the years that I have been in this business most of the unhappy customers have been because of these after market warranties. You can purchase the warranties later but they do cost more. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for a while I would get it now. Your basically locking in todays labor and parts rates.
RGWomack said:
Paul, I think dealer cost on a 7yr 100k w/ zero detuctable is about $1495.00 Most dealers want to make $400-$800 so what ever you can negotiate. ...
Any Acura dealer on the net would care to give me a quote privately or publicly on the real Acura extended warranty?
gps nav

Is the GPS Navagaton system covered on the extended warranty?????:D :D :D
The extended warranty is just an extension of the 4yr/50k warranty, which includes all of the Total Luxury Care stuff: roadside assistance, emergency towing, concierge service, trip interruption, and computerized trip routing. So, in short, since the nav is covered by the standard 4yr/50k warranty, it is covered by the extended warranty.
There has been much written on the pros and cons of extended warranties on this site, especially in the maintenance thread.

I would encourage everyone to go there and read all the posts and/or do a search on "extended warranties."

Personally, there has never been a compelling reason for me to buy an extended warranty prior to the end of the mfg warranty, other than to "lock in" rates as Roger mentioned or to bundle the warranty cost into the financing up front.

The flip side is locking your money up in something that has no real value for 4 years. And while many ext warranties are transferable to another party if you decide to sell your MDX, including Acura's, it is unclear what the "resale" value is of the warranty. Just like everything else, the ext warranty deprecidates, and the buyer (if he is smart) will pay only a % of your original investment.

Having said that, and knowing what it can cost to repair the MDX should something, however minor sounding, goes wrong, I would definitely consider buying a contract, but not for another 3.5 enjoyable motoring years. :)
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i never believed in the extended warranties, being in the automotive field myself. i always serviced all my vehicles myself and never brough to dealers at all. considering the new era of high tech vehicles my main concern is the gps navagation system. i'm sure the screen itself could cost the price of the warranty should it need replacement. also the main drive for the navagation unit under the drivers seat i'm sure could also cost the price of warranty also. with change in temperatures i'm nervious mainly on those items. a little concern over the high tech transmission also could cost a pretty penny to replace if have to which i doubt. the engine being the v-tech may also get a little technical compared to the basic cylinger two valve per cylinder set-up of past. overall wouldn't get, but all these high tech items make me alittle nervious. also considering the price of the vehicle the warranty isn't really that costly. i even got an extended on my big screen television and my digital camcorder so why no cover myself on a more sofisticated piece of equipment such as the mdx thanks for all your feedback every and have a great new year.

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Merry Christmas ...

The MDX isn't potentially unreliable .. except for the NAV system. Electronics can be finicky, like electrical bugs, which can be very costly.

I would not get an third party warranty. I had Warranty Gold for and the last 6 months was a nightmare. They held up approving a repair for a week, changed the hourly rate they authorized, made me fax paperwork.. I would never, ever, recommend them.

I'm going for extending the Acura warranty at the end of the regular period. makes sense for us.

01 MDX / Nav

what is advantage of buying extended warranty at the begining vs buying at the end of waranty? isn't it less expensive to buy the waranty from the begining, meaning 1st year under 12,000 miles. i heard the later you buy the more costly it can be. am i wrong in this thought process?:D
paul, if you know for certain you will keep the X for 7 years or 100k miles, it may not be a bad investment. If you are not sure, and think you may want to buy that new Lexus coming out next year or if you wanna buy a larger Hoe or Burb in 2003, then maybe it would be a bad investment.

On the other hand, if you wait and see how reliable your X really is, that may be the best decision....if 3.5 years into your purchase you are visiting your favorite dealer every other month because of problems, I'd recommend getting the EW or dumping the X...if you have had no history of problems, you can at least think about not getting the EW. But at least you have some real life metrics to go by, vs. merely guessing and hoping and wishing if you buy the EW up front.

Which way is less expensive? You are the best judge. "Judge wisely", said the old man to Indiana Jones. ;)
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