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For what it's worth, I was contacted today by Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA. They said that "due to our outstanding performance we have been allocated extra inventory of Acura MDX, which we did not expect. This moved up our clients on the list and the wait time that was 5-6 month is now down to 2-3 months."

They further added, "if you put a deposit to get on the list we will be able to get you the MDX within 3 months or less.
This letter is going out to about 200 potential MDX clients, so your timing is important on securing the optimum position on the list."

Doesn't help me (deposit placed with different dealer for Mesa Touring 10/01, build date 2/23-27) but if they're on the up and up, it may help others.

You can find their contact info in the Dealer Ratings section for VA. Best of luck!
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