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Electrical Problem

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I'm wondering if anyone else has had the problem we've had on our '02. After owning it less than a month, the lights on the instrument panel stopped working. Upon further inspection, the rear running lights are also out, as are the vanity mirror lights.

Unfortunately, we live 110 miles from an Acura dealer. The local Honda dealer figured out how to remove the front driver's side fuse cover (with much difficulty), but it looks like it's not a blown fuse.

The dealer suggested it might be a faulty switch in the rotating light switch on the steering column, since all 3 lights that are out are dependent on the first "click" of the rotating light switch (i.e., the parking light setting). The 2nd "click" of the switch seems ok, since the headlights work.

We've almost completed the process of getting Acura to authorize the local Honda dealer to do the work under warranty (we'll have to pay the Honda dealer, then get reimbursed from Acura).

Has anyone else had similar problems? Very frustrating to only enjoy the car for a few weeks before suffering a significant problem. I'm an unhappy hoosier.
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There's also a fuse box on the passenger's side (behind the kick panel), as well as one under-hood. Fuse 10 (pass. side - 15A) feeds the taillight relay, which controls most of the things you're talking about. The relay itself is located under the left side of the dash, but without a picture you probably won't find it. There's also fuse 54 (40A) in the under-hood fuse box, but if it were out your radio wouldn't work, nor map lights, nor courtesy lights, nor driver's power seat (among others).

If you're going to use a nearby Honda dealer for your warranty service, I'd strongly recommend that you buy a full set of service manuals for your MDX, and take them with you each time you take your car in for service. Without the manuals, the service guys are lost. You can buy the manuals at .
Thanks for the help. This happened to me last night when I hooked my trailer up. Luckily I had a blown fuse. I have the electrical manual but your post was much easier to use!!
Glad to be of help, even though my help pre-dated your problem by almost three years!
That's one of the great things about this forum. Almost anything that goes wrong has more than likely already been handled by someone else! I said almost...

Thanks again.
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