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DVD Nav - Can it be used for entertainment

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OK - I may be showing just how little I know but here goes. First, I am about to be a new MDX owner (arrived yesterday and is at the dealership having a few options installed). This is my wifes car and she wanted the Nav system which we got. We also wanted an entertainment system so we have purchased a DVD based system with an overhead screen to be installed this weekend.

I may be slow but it just occurred to be that we will have a DVD player under each of the front seats (one for the Nav unit and one for the entertainment system). Can either of these work with the other system? Share displays? Share DVD input? It just now struck me as odd that we will have twice as many DVD players in our new X then we do in our house?

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Nav screen can be made to work with a DVD. Do a search on ""video NAV" and you will get a good thread from 45 days back or so (set the filter to at least 60 days). Does require some additional hardware and effort.

The Alpine NAV unit cannot play video DVDs though (believe that is your question). Software would require change as a minimum, not something Alpine would do for liability reasons
DVD Entertainment System


May I ask what system you decided on? And where you are having it installed. I just picked up an 'X last Saturday and have been considering a Panasonic overhead unit for about $1K 0n-line (1200 to 1300 retail) and attempting the installation myself.

Re: DVD Entertainment System

mdxpecting said:

May I ask what system you decided on? And where you are having it installed. I just picked up an 'X last Saturday and have been considering a Panasonic overhead unit for about $1K 0n-line (1200 to 1300 retail) and attempting the installation myself.

Happy to share. First, I am not an A/V guru. Just got the home DVD a month ago. Our motivation was a movie watching system for our 5 y/o son while traveling. My other motivation was to have it professionally installed since my talents ae limited.

With that said, we chose an audiovox system. It has a DVD player and a 6.8 inch overhead screen. We would have preferred the 8 inch screen but it was a $700 uptick. We looked a lot at the head rest mounted screen but they needed to be pretty small due to the size of the head rest. We purchased the system from Hi Fi buys and they are doing the installation. They suggested (and I jumped on this) a custom built "panel" they are going to build into the bottom rear of the center console. This panel will have A/V inputs for a second source and a 140watt inverter with a flush mounted plug. As my son movers through the X-boxes and various other game sets, we can simply plug them in, connected the A/V and sit them in the floor. They entire system (installed) was $1,295.

I would love to tell you how I like it but my X is a week over due (should have it by tomorrow night) so the system will not actually be installed until next week. Email me the middle of next week and I'll let you know how I like it.
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KBD431 post a picture

sounds pretty cool like to see the pictures if you have digital camera try to post on web site. my 2002 black tour w/nav also needs a dvd system but didn't like the headrests also due to size. very interested to see how yours works out keep us up to date on the installation and best of luck with your baby too.:D :D
Hey folks. Contemplating an overhead deal myself...just getting started and am clueless @ this point. If those of you with them wouldn't mind posting pics, obviously we'd all appreciate it.

I'd prefer to order online and do a self-install (fun to do) -- so those of you who have or are contemplating ordering online, please provide URLs (mdxpecting).

Finally, has anyone had luck locating online installation instructions for any of the units, just to get an idea of what's involved (I haven't)...TIA!
Best site for mobile DVD

I've done some research on my own, and have found the best place for Displays and DVD players is at the following web site.

You can get a drop down 7" plus TV tuner (if you need one) for $429 on their ebay auction. You can then get a DVD player for about $179 that could fit under the driver's seat. The DVD players even come with A/V inputs so you can connect Xbox/PS2 directly into the player. The Total cost comes out to be about $600. Installation obviously is extra. Without the tuner, you could probably take out another $100.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for that. Did finally find some online install instructions for the Audiovox units. At least gives some idea of what to do.

Click here to see them.

I'm at a loss as to where we can mount the overhead unit so it's far enough away from the 2nd row passengers to see, but not interfering with the sunroof. :confused:
This is long, but I hope helpful!

Thanks for the comments and the help. Here is some more info on the video system. First, I was very impressed with HiFi Buys service and installation. They took the entire day and walked through everything with us before they installed. Here are some key things we focused on:

Screens : OH or Headrest? We chose overhead for a couple of reasons. First with the headrest you are limited to about a 5.8" screen. Also you have to buy twice the screens and the installation is about $500 versus $100. While HiFi Buys did not report any problems, I had a couple of dealers say that because the headrests get moved up and down, it can sometimes disrupt the wiring.
Other considerations on the overhead screen. The installer suggested a slight "angle down" mounting because he noticed that my 5y/o would be the primary viewer and this would help with screen viewing angle. HE WAS RIGHT! He was also right about the fact that visually, we would not be able to notice the angle.
Size does matter! We chose a 6.8" screen for 2 reasons. First it's the most common size so it has the best price point. Second, and most important, my wife (the owner, driver, and guard of our new MDX! :D ) was concerned about blocking the review mirror in both the open and closed position. Our findings: On the 6.8" audiovox overhead that we chose, you can not even see it in the rearview mirror when it is closed. Open, it does block the center of your viewing from the rear view mirror, however, I was happy to see that there was a remaining view (from the rear view mirror) below and to both sides of the screen. Bottom line, someone sitting in the middle seat in the 2nd row block the drivers view twice as much as the OH screen.
Viewing angle : Because of the sun roof, the OH unit has to be mounted back pretty far giving concern about viewing from the sides. I was pleased with the outcome. I can see the screen just fine from all three positions of the 2nd row seating. While I have not tried, I would expect it would be small enough to be a problem for viewing from the third row. If I wanted viewing from the 3rd row as well, I would go with at least an 8 inch screen and just try and find the best price.

DVD Unit: - We also bought the audiovox DVD unit. The installer mounted the unit under the drivers seat (we have the NAV unit under the passengers seat). He suggested and we agreed that rear facing was best. The unit fit nicely and seems to be working well. We are having a little problem with the IR sensor but HiFi buys believes they can solve that with one more brief visit. CAUTION. Be sure to mount the DVD player pretty far under the seat. We are actually having ours moved deeper. We had it mounted so that it could be accessed with the drivers seat in the position for me (back further than my wife). When my wife is driving the player is exposed a little and your feet want to rest right on it's face. A deeper mounting (even if you had to side the seat forward slightly to change DVD's) would be better for the unit.

Remote jacks: At the dealers suggestion we had them wire the second AV input plugs for the OH unit (it will accept 3 inputs) into the center console along with a 140 watt power converter. This is too cool! Just below the rear AC controls are three RCA input jacks and a 110 outlet all custom mounted as if they came OEM. Because the rear of the console angles back towards the from of the car, you can hardly see them unless you are looking for them. This allows us to easily connect a VCR, Xbox, Cam Corder, etc. and get power to it and with the push of one button on the OH unit the input is switched. This was a great suggestion by HiFi buys and well worth the extra $100 they charged for the parts and install. As a bonus, you can plug anything into this outlet that you may desire (coffee maker, blender, etc.).

Wireless headphones. Two sets of wireless headphones came with the audiovox screen and they work great (actually better than expected). An RF Modulator (allows the sound to go through the MDX stereo) DID NOT come with the unit. This was something we didn't think to ask about but are having added for about $100 parts and labor.

Installation. I'm no handy man but I would not have wanted to do this installation. Forget the fact that I don't do wiring at all and this system required a ton of it. HiFi buys (with the experience and tools) spent about 6 - 7 hours installing this system which required removing the drivers seat, the center console, etc. They are now (for free) going to remove the drivers seat again and re-mount the DVD unit because we want it a little further under the seat. Yes we paid about $250 more for the parts than the website noted earlier in this thread, and we paid another $150 - $200 for installation, having it installed has been the best decision made so far.

Bottom line with the RF modulator, the system will cost about $1,300 installed. This is the 6.8" OH audiovox screen, an audiovox DVD player, 2 sets of wireless headphones, RF modulator, and the whole custom power and AV job that was done for the second input source. I would do this again in a heart beat!

Bonus - I hadn't noticed at the time of purchase but the OH audiovox unit has two done lights. HiFi buys wired them into the existing system to they work with the existing dome light perfectly, including dimming them selves off when you close the door!

I don't have a digital camera but I will try an borrow one and post pictures!
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Very nice KBD431. The auxiliary A/V and power inputs should come pretty handy.

Personally, what I intend to do is also to put the DVD player under the seat. sell players with front A/V inputs that play DVD/VCD/MP3s (MP3s will come in handy). I intend to use that as my "auxiliary" inputs. They also have an 7 inch overhead LCD screen and I also intend to get a TV Tuner with diversity antennae with it. The player, LCD screen, and TV Tuner will come out to be about $600.

One of the installers in the area, will also convert Navi screens to accept video input for about $450. So all in all, I expect to be able to have DVD with two video screens, all for about $1200 - $1300.

Just a plan at this point...
MDXtrous - Sound like you have done your homework! I did go to the auto accessories site and do agree, they have great prices. Partly because my X is only a couple of days old and partly because of my lack of ability, I wasn't willing to take a knife to the X and attempt the install myself. Looks like you have found local, independent installers, how are they listed (or how did you find them)? I am in Atlanta and would like to find someone who will do the Navi screen conversion. Any thoughts or concerns about violating the warranty on the Nav system.....

There has been some threads of some people doing the Mod on their own, namely:

However, just like you, I'm not willing to do it myself. $150 for the decoder, and $300 for labor is something I'm willing to pay to have it done right. I believe it does have implications on voiding the warranty. I guess it's a call one has to make. But if your installer is good, and seems to have done quite a few interesting mods (you can see it on their website), and if they provide you with some type of warranty, it could be a viable consideration.

Street Effectz was mentioned on one of the threads, and that's how I found it. I've also inquired at different local installers, but not all are willing to do the Mod for lack of experience. I think the best thing is to post a question on this forum and ask if any local Atlanta folks know about good installers.
I highly recommend Street Effects ,I saw some of his work last year at an Acura meet we sponsered here at Park Ave Acura.He brought an M3 with seven video screens including one cleverly installed into the rear view mirror.The quality of his installs was first rate .Jens

To all interested members,
I just received feedback from in regarding to use the NAV screen to play video.
The kit to convert the screen over to play video will run $450.
I also requiered about 7" widescreen flush mounted under leather headrest, it runs about $850. per headrest, this includes monitor, mounting, wiring, and new factory color matched leather.:) :cool:
p.s.: The DVD is separate... the factory DVD player will not allow
for regular DVD's to be played in it.:)

Attention So. Cal. Members:

There is a place called SALESCO. They specialize in conversions for entertainment theatres, such as roof mount, console mount, headrest, navscreen, etc.
They have lot of electronics such as TV's, video cassette players,
DVD's, etc.
If anyone is interested they are located at 949 N. Cataract Ave. #L
San Dimas, Ca. 91773. PH: 1-800-407-8665, or local 909-394-3090, fax 909-394-3096, their website is :cool:
Install Pics - Finally

Well, I finally have the install pics after having to bum a digital camera! They are over in the gallery and if I have done this right, you should be able to follow this link:

Audiovox DVD Install Pics

Re: DVD Nav - Can it be used for entertainment?

Quite an old thread, but had to answer, Yes, it can, see example below:


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I like this all in one overhead unit.|414582&PRID=1209720

Thanks worm for the link, I was never able to find it as a package like this.
Re: Re: DVD Nav - Can it be used for entertainment?

zafer said:
Quite an old thread, but had to answer, Yes, it can, see example below:
I'm glad you replied but the thread actually started as "can the Nav system screen be used for entertainment (ie like connected as a monitor for as DVD player).
Not only would I like to be able to display the video signal from the rear screen on the NAV, it would also be cool to display the NAV on the rear display. That way the kids could watch our progress. Has anyone with an '03 NAV/RES tried to do this?
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