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DVD/MP3 Player and 5" TFT screen

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Just thought I'd ask if any body would like to buy the Blaupunkt DVD/MP3 player and 5" Mobile Authority TFT screen. I bought these item the day after Thanksgiving for $300 ($277 + tax) at Fry's Electronics- impulse buy. Couldn't resist the price. Decided to put the money towards a laptop instead.

The screen has never been used and the DVD has been used once using the supplied AC cord (worked perfectly). Everything is new, no wires have been cut, all the plastic film covering the screen and display are still in place and have never been removed. Have all instructions, boxes, plastic bags for them. For $300 you basically get the DVD/MP3 player (regular $299.99 + tax) and the screen for free ($179.99 +tax).

Prefer local buyer in SF Bay area. If no ones interested will be returning to Fry's by Sunday. Just wanted to pass possible saving to someone else.

Picture of these items was posted at the beginning of this tread.

Screen is different (the screen that I have looks better-IMHO) but has same mounting bracket or has optional flush mount frame. Picture on Mobile Authority's screen is better than Fahrenheit's screen (Can be seen from all angles which was also sold at Fry's) and has controls to the right of the screen (brightness, power, contrast).
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