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Laws may vary from state to state, but I was told the following by a used car dealer who recently bought my 13 year old PF. (BTW, this is in NH)

If you as an individual sell a vehicle to another individual, you must disclose any problems. Further, even if you sell is 'as is' and put 'as is' right on the bill of sale, you may still be required to fix problems found later that were in existence when you sold it. So in effect, you are actually providing a sort of warranty on it, whether you like it or not. Not sure how severe those problems would need to be which would require you to fix them or how long after the sale they have to discover any problems, we didn't discuss that in any detail.

However, if you sell your vehicle to a dealer, they buy it at their peril. You are under no obligation once the deal is done. Apparently, they are expected to know better. We didn't specifically discuss trade in vs purchase (as in my case) but I'd venture a guess that it works the same. They should know better.

That said, I agree with davegood. If it were me, I wouldn't tell them. And I'd have a clear conscience too.

Note to davegood: have you spellchecked anything with your name in it? When I just spellchecked this reply, the alternative for davegood came up 'avenged' :eek: :eek:

What's up with that??
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