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Hello everyone,
I need some guidance on the A4 service costs. I have a 2011 ADV with 95k miles. I bought it early 2019 with 85k miles. No issues other than the oil so far. I am having the oil consumption warranty work done, and tried to get the A4 service done as well. The previous customer service folks I worked with at the dealer said it would be cheap to do timing belt.

When I dropped off yesterday a new tech (previous ones don't work there anymore) tried to charge me full price $1,800 for the A4 service. I had to explain to him multiple times that the warranty labor should eat into the cost, and he eventually said $900. I said no additional work because I felt like he wasn't trustworthy or knowledgeable.

Last night I did more searching and found a coupon on the dealer site for timing belt at $499. I sent this and asked for a new quote for th A4.

Dealer got back this morning and said $1,252, and suggested an oil change.

At this point I really don't trust the tech, and told him as much. I plan on having the work done later at an independent shop.

I'm having trouble finding price information on the A4. I thought it was around 800-1000 on another thread, but couldn't find it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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