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Drve Shaft Now Fixed!!! No more Hum!!

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Just got my X back from the dealer, Courtesy Acura, Lexington Ky. I have to say that it took a little longer than I had hoped, a total of 8 days this time( includes a weekend). I just wanted to make sure that they fixed it, PERIOD. It's no use driving back and forth in my opinion, just fix it!! They offered a loaner but I have three cars so no big deal.

They did the Tech Line suggestion of: remove old shaft, rotating it 180 degrees and putting back on. Didn't resolve the problem so the next step was to replace it. This was finished yesterday 12/10/01 but hadn't gotten a chance to test drive it,(the service department) They called me and told me this and gave me the option to pick it up and then bring it back in the morning. I said keep it, one more day isn't gonna kill me.

Came in at 1030 this AM and was out the door by 1130. Had to wait for a wash job even though it had been washed the night before, they were persistant. Sounds good to me.

Got in, drove out onto the loop around town and low and behold the sound was gone!!

Thank you Courtesy Acura of Lexington, KY!! Todd, Larry, Rick, Robby, Gerald and Big Ed!! Great bunch of guys in the SERVICE and Sales Department.
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