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Driving in N.Y.C & Mileage

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I get about 14 MPG in NYC. That includes some highway driving. Is this what I should expect? I've had the car for 10 days.
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WarpSpeed said:
I get about 14 MPG in NYC. That includes some highway driving. Is this what I should expect? I've had the car for 10 days.

from one NY-er to another, welcome to the MDX family.

Pray for OPEC NOT to cut output :mad: 'cause based on my 13-months long experience, 14 is the best NYC mileage you'd ever get. :(

Occasional Belt Pkway stints raise my mileage to 13-14, but usual city-only driving produces no better than 11-12 mpg. (In the winter, it's actually lower due to slightly longer warm-up times).

One fill-up last winter with mostly snow-driving produced 9 mpg - lowest ever for me. :(
Wexy, do not worry, you did not hurt my feelings a bit. :(
You are 99% correct - Belt is a true "park"way :)

However, in the name of science, I purposely drove on it a few times at about 4 am just to make sure it would have positive effect on my mileage. And it did!!! :D

BTW, I found that NJ Tpke and Palisades Pkway are the best highways for 25-26 mpg, while Rte 80 is the worst - getting mere 21-22 mpg. :)
With all due respect, fellas, NYC is one of the safest places "per capita" to live in according to the latest statistics. Being respectful to others is a different story - I got an ugly scratch on my bumper yesterday :(

As far as servicing is concerned, I put 7K miles in the first year (which is actually above average for me), so 6 months/3,500 miles is my service schedule. That "service light", correct me if I am wrong, does it go on when the computer "detects" maintenance-required problems, or is it just pre-programmed to go on every 6-7K miles???
Sarge, you are alive!!! :D:D:D

Every so often I have to go to North Bergen, to our company's "N.J. Office" as we call one of our co-worker's house. Ever since 9/11 he and several others have refused to come back to the city :( (Smart move, of course) Anyway, I take Verrazano because they do not let SOV into the city in the morning. I thought of taking my blow-up doll (oops, supposed to be a secret :D), but I am afraid she may get damaged. My company reimburses me for tolls and mileage though.
Since I go at around 6 AM, S.I. Expressway and NJ Tpke are wide open. I average at least 22 going there (too many uphill sections) and 26 going back on the Tpke until S.I. There is no such thing as "NO TRAFFIC" on SIE after 6 am either way :(
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