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Driving in N.Y.C & Mileage

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I get about 14 MPG in NYC. That includes some highway driving. Is this what I should expect? I've had the car for 10 days.
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LI, NYC Mileage


13 - 14 is what i am getting doing very local driving on LI :( . I was glad to see on a 2+ hour highway drive to the Catskill Mts the mileage was right up there at 22 mpg. At 2000 miles on the odometer.. i expect i'm getting thru the break in period and hope the local mpg will get better.

I have a feeling that my wife's driving pattern has changed with the luxury vehicle... I think she is harder on the gas and break with the 6 cyl MDX then she was with the her 4 cyl subaru..

It may also just be that now I have a display in front of me all the time reminding me what the avg mpg is. IMO.. show me the mpg when I'm driving a car that gets 25+ mpg.. not in an SUV...
Re: Re: Driving in N.Y.C & Mileage

vip9 said:

Occasional Belt Pkway stints raise my mileage to 13-14, but usual city-only driving produces no better than 11-12 mpg. (In the winter, it's actually lower due to slightly longer warm-up times).

One fill-up last winter with mostly snow-driving produced 9 mpg - lowest ever for me. :(

I shouldn't do this since i myself was born and raised in brooklyn, walking distance from the Belt Pkwy...

but are u sure that the trips on the Belt raised your mileage? I would have thought the belt parking lot only hurt your mileage..

glad i did not offend


glad i did not offend you... the belt really wasn't that bad when i grew up in sheepshead bay.. but now that I live on LI and make trips back and for on occassion to pick up and take home my mom, it can be bad.. I actually made the trip Sunday am and pm without hitting traffic...

Glad to see a new york cit/li posts

paul123..... i don't know about the north shore, but I am starting to see more on the south shore... I know of 4 others in Merrick/Bellmore... I would like to advertise this site but can't see putting a sticker on my new MDX.. It would be nice to see what other MDX drivers on the road frequent this site.. an license plate would do..
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