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Drivers Window Inside Moisture

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Hello all fellow MDXers,
I know, I know, I'm just going to be lazy on this one. I just don't have the time right now to search. But I am coming up on my first scheduled service and I notice that there is a lot of WET moisture on the inside of my driver's side window when I put it up and down. Is there any TSB on this or experience with it from any others out there? I know our esteemed moderators will have zeroed in on this if anything is amiss with our beloved MDX's.
Please let me know!
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I've noticed this also, and have observed something that D'MOR has pointed out also in another thread.

If you lower the Window all the way and take note of the seals on either side, you'll notice that there is a gap (duh.......obviously) in between each for the window to slide. But..........toward the front, you'll notice that the inner & outer seals touch each other. I'll bet that your moisture occurs when you lower the window all the way so the seals touch while the outside of the window is wet. The wet outer seal moistens the inner one and when the glass goes up they squeegee off on the glass at the front portion of the glass just about equivalent to the length of the section of seals that touch. That's what mine do.

It looks to me like this is more of a design flaw than a malfunction. The seals are probably close together to help with noise abatement at the corner of the window near the mirrors.

Not sure if the dealers will be able to fix this, but it would be nice. I'm going to mention this on my 7500 mile service, not severe enough for a specific visit.
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