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Doubled MPG on Trip Computer

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Doubled Mileage Post

The above post talks about the trip computer doubling the mpg's--has anyone had this fixed yet? I know it's been surmised that this is a software problem, but has anyone been able to get the issue addressed?

Rob :cool:
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As I mentioned in a reply to that post, my dealer agreed to try replacing the unit and ordered one based on their conversation with the Acura techs. But it's been about a month and they don't know when it will be in. Guess it's like we've seen with some of the other problems that people have reported...replacement parts are taking a long time :( :( .

I'll post when it comes in and gets installed.

Till then, my mileage may vary.....
Thanks for the reply ghotie--looking forward to hearing how it turns out!

Thanks again,
Rob :cool:
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