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I have an '02 MDX with 175K miles. I'm battling the water leaking into driver & pass floors. I've peeled up the carpet, cut out the soggy smelly under matting, shampooed the carpet twice, had heat and a fan blowing thru it for several nights but the smell is still bad.

I've read lots of suggestions of the possible cause of the leak but haven't had a chance to really look further than the sunroof drains and the windshield. I'm at the point I would need to remove the center console to get more of the insulation out that has been wet. Not sure I'm comfortable doing it because of the electronics and I don't want to scratch or break the covering.

Unfortunately I had to park it outside again and it's pouring tonight. We'll see if I have water in it again or not...

The only major thing I've ever had to do was the timing belt because the dealer warned me it was necessary and motor mounts. I've done the regular maintenance including flushing the fluids.

I still love my X but don't think I should throw money at tracking the leak and replacing the interior front floor insulation and carpet. The oil is starting to leak on the head gasket. If I have to have the motor pulled then there's other things that should be done while it's apart I'm assuming.

I'm thinking about upgrading and looking for thoughts about the 2012 to 2014 MDX's. Do they leak too? Are there any known issues for those years? Any advantages/disadvantage of either model? I hope to find a newer X with 40K to 60K and would appreciate any advice you have.

I've been on this site since I bought my car new. I sure appreciate all the advice and help from the people on here!:D
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