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DIY Video: Rear Differential Fluid Service

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Hey Folks,

I have no clue how in the world they charge close to $200 for this service.
It cost me $22 for the fluids and $8 for the manual pump.

I hope this helps you with your DIY.

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I know on my 2006 when changing the VTM-4 fluid, after the initial fill till it dribbles out, if I drive around the block, make some left and right turns, and then I recheck the level, it's down and I can add some more. Did you double check the level after driving a bit?

I know a few ounces isn't going to make or break the diff, but I'm just
I haven’t in the past - but I’ll check it when I have some free time and add some notes to the video if it makes a meaningful difference. Thanks for the Tip!
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I checked the fluid today and when I removed the cap fluid driped out so I didn’t see any need to add any more fluid. I may add any comments to the video to check to be sure.
Thanks for the video. Why is your car so rusted? What year is it and where do you live?
2015 - this is north east coast living - lots of snow driving which also means lots of salt on the roads. Back when I was super anal
I would hit my cars with black rust spray paint after every winter. But that gets old and is a waste of time.
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