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I don´t think honda has changed the procedure for the J-Series in the third gen so.. I will write you down the Universal Steps for almost every J-Series in existence:

1.- Go under the car and locate the radiator bottom end.. You should see a WHITE Butterfly plug most likely in the center of the radiator, That is the drain plug for the radiator.. In the MDX the Radiator does not hold the majority of Coolant so in order to flush the majority of Coolant in the System you have to drain the Engine Block.

2.- Go under the car and locate the Engine Oil Filter.. Follow the filter assembly and you should 3 electric wires (VTEC Solenoid, VTEC Oil Pressure Sender and Engine Oil Pressure) BEHIND those plugs there should be a golden nipple in the Engine Block, That is the Engine Coolant drain plug.
Use this picture for reference:

3.- Go inside the car and Start the Car in Accessory Mode (I do not know how to do this with a Push Button Start) the idea is to get the A/C to MAX HEAT! and then turn off the car completely (DO NOT CHANGE COOLANT WITH A HOT ENGINE). Then you can go back to step #2 and Drain the Engine Block Coolant.

4.- Once you have drained all the coolant in the system you can start the fill and burping process (remove air from the system). Replace the coolant in the Reservoir, If you cant remove the reservoir use a turkey basket to suck as much coolant as you can.. Fill between FULL and MIN lines. Then Fill as much Coolant as it can take by filling the radiator, Once nothing more can be filled start the engine and keep filling until the Fans Kick In! Once the Fans start spinning and you see No bubbles in the radiator inlet you can close it and be done with the coolant change.

And that is about it.
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