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Difficult to get a test drive

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I put a deposit on MDX 2022 and arranged that i would come for a test drive later. I’ve been not able to do so yet. The dealer finds new and new excuses to skirt the appointment.
I feel that all this situation with “chip shortage” made the dealers and manufacturers somehow arrogant. A friend of mine just bought a Lexus GX and was bragging about the great deal he got by shopping around and driving 100 miles to get a better deal. His deal was “only” $2000 over MSRP while the local dealership was asking $10,000 over MSRP.
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Sounds like a good reason to stay away from Lexus dealers.
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Many dealers, maybe most, have a new MDX on the lot that you can take for a test drive, especially if you've already signed a contract to buy one from them. (I know mine did.) Also, as mdxstang notes above, when your MDX comes in, you can take it for a test drive and if you're not happy with it, you can usually back out of the sale, no questions asked. (Especially in today's market, where they can sell it to someone else the same day.)

It sounds like your dealer isn't refusing to give you a test drive, they're just waffling over when you can do so. As others have suggested, talk to the sales manager or the general manager.
finding out that some manufacturers have gone to "regional sales only" models (BMW in my area says can only buy from local dealer, so even if dealer in another city 50 miles away has what I was looking for, they cannot sell if I don't live in their "region"/city)
Wow. I've never heard of this. And it sounds very anti-customer, and I'm not even sure whether it's legal. (I'm not doubting your word; I'm just expressing outrage at the possibility.)

They had one that was going to be delivered that I could look at and they had another demo that I could drive (the only demo they had was a Type S). After I drove it and loved it, I asked the GM if they ever sell the demos. Of course they do and it just passed the 60 day demo use period, so I bought it with 2,000 miles and $1,500 off. They cleaned it all up and I picked it up the next day.
That sounds like a great deal. Congratulations!
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