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Difficult to get a test drive

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I put a deposit on MDX 2022 and arranged that i would come for a test drive later. I’ve been not able to do so yet. The dealer finds new and new excuses to skirt the appointment.
I feel that all this situation with “chip shortage” made the dealers and manufacturers somehow arrogant. A friend of mine just bought a Lexus GX and was bragging about the great deal he got by shopping around and driving 100 miles to get a better deal. His deal was “only” $2000 over MSRP while the local dealership was asking $10,000 over MSRP.
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On the assumption that by 'dealer' you really mean 'one particular salesperson', I'd definitely go over that person's head since they're giving you the run around (but not the drive around). That person could be the sales manager or the manager of that dealership. If you don't get immediate results I'd go to a different dealership and if you find them more cooperative consider canceling your order at the uncooperative one and placing the order at the new one, assuming they'll match or beat the price.

This thread raises a good point - test drives.

Just because the MDX (and many other vehicles) are in short supply it's very important to do a test drive of the model (with trim level you're interested in, like SHAWD, Tech, etc.) in order to make sure it really meets what you're interested in and not rely on experience with some prior Honda or Acura, even a prior gen MDX, or some perceived 'reputation' or 'luxury' (whatever that's supposed to mean) of the brand or else you might end up disappointed.

Furthermore, make sure you do a thorough test drive of the exact unit you'll end up with even though you may have waited weeks for it to come in. Just because the demo drive went okay doesn't mean the same will be true of the unit you'll end up with. Be prepared to say 'no' if it isn't satisfactory in any way - especially if it's something they can't or won't correct.

And of course make sure 'you' are the one driving - not some salesperson. Don't just drive around the block - go on the freeway, rough roads, and the like to see what it's really like.

Some here have complained of certain things they probably could have detected right away on a thorough test drive - such as the noisy Bridgestone tires, and the behavior of the infotainment controls.

A dealership might make excuses to try to just shove the vehicle at you and it's easy for a customer to get caught up in the 'chip-shortage', and 'hardly any inventory' emotions and just accept it but don't forget this is a $50K+ purchase that you'll probably end up living with for years and even minor things can get annoying quickly.

And if you can't find a dealer who'll cooperate and a deal that's acceptable just wait longer to buy a vehicle. Most people buying could still live with their current vehicle for another 6 months or year if needed.
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Most of today’s vehicles are already sold before they come off the truck and land on the lot!
That may be true but when I've purchased vehicles from the factory to my spec and that waited for them to arrive I still did a test drive of the particular vehicle before accepting it. If there would've been an issue with it I had the option of saying 'never mind'.

And I always test drove a similar vehicle before deciding to place the order. There's no way I'd buy a new vehicle without test driving it. If I did that I'd be one of the ones on this forum complaining about things I should've known beforehand and maybe end up dissatisfied. There are simply too many variables in cars to expect a one size fits all - what appeals to one person is an aggravation to another (like ride firmness as an example).
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as it turned out, my son's MDX arrived before mine so I got to do a test drive with his.
That's even better - no salesperson pressure or restrictions to smooth roads with the sound system cranked up (some sales people use this to mask potential noises and as a distraction from the actual drive), and the ability to do more extensive test driving.
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