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Difficult to get a test drive

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I put a deposit on MDX 2022 and arranged that i would come for a test drive later. I’ve been not able to do so yet. The dealer finds new and new excuses to skirt the appointment.
I feel that all this situation with “chip shortage” made the dealers and manufacturers somehow arrogant. A friend of mine just bought a Lexus GX and was bragging about the great deal he got by shopping around and driving 100 miles to get a better deal. His deal was “only” $2000 over MSRP while the local dealership was asking $10,000 over MSRP.
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Basically the market just sucks for anyone who enjoys investing the time to negotiate with multiple dealers and extract the best purchase price (like I always have). I want a new car but the current market plus some of the major issues lottery that a few are having with these cars keeps me finding something else to do every day than rushing over to the dealer.
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