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DFW Roll Call

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Ok, Time to get our DFW/ North Texas Area Group organized!

Please post here if you own an MDX or will own one later, and live in the DFW area.

Post your Area or Town, MDX color, options(Navigation and/or Touring package), accessories installed, future accessories and if not in D/FW, how far you live from there.

It would be fun to meet all fellow MDXers and possibly organize future events.

If this post looks similar to AtlantaMDX's it's because I shamelessly plagiarized most of his post:)
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We would be interested in hosting an event. If you have any suggestions, we would be more than happy to consider. Perhaps a tech session on the '03??
New 03 MDX Premium owner checking in. I'm still working on the accessories. I have 3 Goodyear Integrity tires available for sale ($50 each - they have about 1200 miles on them before I switched to the Michelin's) if anyone is interested in replacement tires or for use on a new rim for full size spare.
We have a new '03 Sandstone Touring Nav incoming from David McDavid Acura in Plano. Ended up at $1000 off MSRP with the Acura black side steps and the seperation net thrown in at no charge. Production date is 1/20 to 1/24/03. We expect delivery at the end of January or beginning of February.

I am a member of a F*rd diesel group and we have get togethers every month. I would highly recommend a get together on a weekend day once every month.

If anyone needs a little help installing accessories, I have 10 years professional experience installing automotive accessories and 5 years experience building electromechanical assemblies to Boeing specifications. I can help you with various installs, just drop me a line:

[email protected]

I also have wholesale connections on varoius electronics; just let me know if I can help you.

Anyways, y'all take care and keep in touch,

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Add me to the list. Los Colinas, Hackberry Creek. Seen a bunch of them here.

Add me to the list. Los Colina, Hackberry Creek. Seen a bunch of them here.
I've got an '03 MDX Touring purchased in Feb. I live in the north Dallas suburb of Plano.

We purchased a 2003 Redrock Pearl in April from Vandergriff in Arlingtion. It is a Touring with Nav and the DVD Entertainment system. The dealer included a shift knob and tint and we added the towing package.
My name is Logan and I live in north Plano and work in Richardson. I bought my MDX from Goodson Acura ($3500 below MSRP) in May. This is Touring/NAV/RES with added accessories of: tinted windows, rear and front air deflectors, side molding, wheel locks, cargo tray, cargo net, all weather floor mates etc. I drive to work via Custer and return mostly through Independence. This is Sage brush pearl.
A long time lurker final bought one from Gunn Acura in SA, nice car, nice discount. '03 Touring, Navi, RES, Running bds, nets, and my all time favorite, FULL TIME RUNNING LITES by mod. the fog lites. Also 'hot all the time' convenience outlets (cig lighter).
Be glad to join in any N TX rally or DFW area, there all the time anyway. Moving to Tyler soon. Oh ya, SBP and its far more beautiful than I would have imagined after having owned only white Legends for 15+ yrs.
Congrats on the new ride

acuratex said:
A long time lurker final bought one ...
Wow you've been lurking since May '02 - for over a year.:1: Were you able to get a better deal in SA than in Houston? How did John Eagle treat you? Thats where we got ours.
Wow you've been lurking since May '02 - for over a year. Were you able to get a better deal in SA than in Houston? How did John Eagle treat you? Thats where we got ours.
Thanks for your reply. John Eagle in Houston did not do well by me, even had a touch of larceny in their hearts and this was as recently as June 03, when prices started to drop (as discounts increased). Even the well known advertiser here from Dallas was not fair with me, accepting my check for $1000 deposit in April 03 for an order and then returning my money in June when a buyer walked into their showroom who would pay full MSRP rather than my $3000 discounted price which they(the dealer) had signed a contract with me for. Claimed my car would be delayed in coming in and they didn't want to hold me up. They just didn't want to sell me a discounted car when they could still get a msrp deal. I'll probably get kicked off the forum for criticizing our paying advertiser. Oh well.
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Interesting comments regarding John Eagle - any specifics? That is where we bought in March '01. I was very happy with their deal then (including the two years free maintenance); I suppose they still do that?
msu79gt82 said:
Interesting comments regarding John Eagle - any specifics?
Well with JE i was acting a bit foolishly and they wanted to take my money anyway. By phone or Inet, forgot which, I had asked for a white Touring, and I had assumed it would include Nav and RES. and I specified my price, based on my assumptions. You would think after reading the forum for a year I would learn that Touring does not include nav & res unless you specify and pay extra. So when I got to JE to sign/take poss. they were all gloating about to make the deal of a lifetime. When we got it all figured out of course the deal fell threw. They were mad that they had washed and serviced a car for a guy that wasn't going to buy, and i was mad that they were going to overchg me a few thousand like nothing ever happened. I later learn that was the week that JE was sold to the Champion Group a rather large group of dealerships in this area.
By the way, are you the mohg. owner that I see visiting a home here in the NW area off FM 1960 near I45 ? If you are, I'm the one (maybe the only one in H) that has DRL's bye for now.
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Plano here.
Since you are allowing future owners to "join" this elite group count me in! I've been a member of this forum since it started but am just now getting my new MDX. (Long story. :blahblah: )

I live in Coppell and my new MDX should be here in a few weeks. :2:

2004 MDX Touring/Navi Taffeta White/Quartz
Chrome Sidesteps
Rear Spoiler
Cargo Liner
HIDs ready to install when the MDX arrives!

When are we going to schedule a meet?:8:
MDteX said:
When are we going to schedule a meet?:8:
How about Houston - Feb 1;) :1:
msu79gt82 said:

How about Houston - Feb 1;) :1:
Ya got SB tickets?? We can all have a huge tailgate party :4:
Unfortunately no tickets:( , but I think theres going to be a lot of partying going on. They announced today that for 4 days (29th thru 1st) 16 blocks downtown would be barracaded for free parties/concerts - they expect in excess of 100,000 in attendance.

Los Lobos, Neville Brothers, and other bands are already scheduled.

Heres the link:
Originally posted by msu79gt82

How about Houston - Feb 1

hey Houston is great, maybe a little short notice to get a good crowd out, count me in.
msu79gt82 said:

How about Houston - Feb 1;) :1:
msu79gt82 you gotta read my sig. My new MDX will not be here by then. But if you did score some SB tickets and wanted to invite your buddies I'm sure I could rent one for the weekend!:2:

My very good friend is VP for the Texans. Of course being the host team he will be at their suite for the game. Tough life. I've tried to weasle some tickets from him but so far no luck. :crying: Did I say "he was a very good friend"? I may have to re-think that. :hmmm:
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