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Detailing summary anybody?

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I've contacted The Worm for the Zaino GP and am going with the Lexol for leather and Vinylex dash.

Would Lexol be used for the entire seat? Is there some part of the seat ( because I'm thinking it's not all leather) that I should use something else?

What is everyone using on the exterior black various mouldings - ie. around windows, under the front windshield - around the moonroof etc. On my Integra years ago, I used to always go over this with Armor All and it did make a difference in how my car held up as compared to people who did nothing. Just curious?

I hope my questions make sense. I really want to take good care of this vehicle. Any information somebody feels like sharing is appreciated.

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Oh well...

Nobody responded to the post - but I did note on the info The Worm sent out regarding Zaino a note about using the Z16 on the flat black exterior trim. That was my question.
Weird -- I didn't see the orig post yesterday...

Anyway, you DON'T wanna use the Lexol on non-leather portions (as you've figured out).

You can tell by FEEL what's vinyl on the seats: the vinyl feels textured whereas the leather does not. Off the top of my head (and not running to the garage to verify):

for the front seats it's the backs (map pockets and just above). I seem to recall the ENTIRE headrest is leather but you'll have to do the feel test.

for the 2nd row seats, it's the sides and the backs, and the sides of the headrests (but not the front/back.

For the 3rd row, they're all vinyl, tho I've never checked as ours have always been stowed.

Doors are vinyl except the "gathered" part right in the middle, between the glass and armrest.
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Worm, man - how long you had your X?! Go flip up your rear seats already!

Cheez! :eek:
ghost said:
Worm, man - how long you had your X?! Go flip up your rear seats already!

Cheez! :eek:
Anniversary's comin' up in the next week or so :)

They've been up a couple of times -- once just to make sure they were there, and the other to show someone the "neat fold-into-the-floor seats"!

My 3rd row probably won't see light very often either. But - I got 'em for those rare occasions!!
Obviously you guys need to generate some more children - the third row is great for separating them.

(Except that the third row occupant can whack the 2nd rower in the back of the head a little too easily!) :D

I use a product called "303 aerospace protectant" on the rubber and vinyl parts of my car. I first leaned of it when I was given a bottle when I bought a new hot tub cover. I have also used it on our painted aluminum garage door, on plastic sunglass lenses, etc. and it works great.
It claims to have an SPF 40 sunscreen, too. I was so impressed with the 8 ounce bottle I was given that I purchased a gallon of it on-line from a marine supply store in NY!
To add to what our "email challenged moderator" :D said, if you Zaino, you can use the leather cleaner z9 and conditioner z10 on the whole seat without having to worry about what is leather and what is vinyl.

Also, Zaino conditioner absorbs quickly and does not clog the pores in the seat, unless you really goop it on. Furthermore, it is not greasy and adds just a slight sheen to the leather, more than Griots, which is basically flat, but much less than oily leather cleaners like The Tannery.

As far as other black exterior portions of the X, I only use Z16 on the tires (duh!) and the black lower panels under the doors and I Z6 the rest of the exterior, including glass. Using Z16 on the "fingerprint eliminator" panel on the front doors is kinda self-defeating, since it is easy to pick up the slight oil base and transfer it all over the X.

I have used 303 wipes on my wiper blades....too early to tell if it works as claims, tho I have heard a lot of good things about it.
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