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I just wanted to let everyone know about a problem I had after ordering my 2002 MDX. After placing the order in June, I was told delivery would be in Oct. At the end of Oct I continued to ask the dealer where my MDX was!! He told me he still had no build date as of the 31st. I E-mailed Acura and was told I would have some answers in a few days. 2 days latter the dealer called and informed me that Acura changed the original order from base/nav to just a base model.. They were told that Acura could change any order they feel fit and NOT tell anyone. So after waiting all this time I am to except a base MDX and like it, or reorder and hope for the best next time. The dealer was able to swap my car with a dealer in Texas and so I finally received my MDX on Nov 16th. According to the dealer in the Southern states like Texas and Florida their are MDX's sitting on the lots waiting to be sold while people like me have to wait 6 months. This is a crazy way for a company like Acura to run.
I just wanted to warn other buyers to beware of this problem with Acura if you don't have a built date yet.
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