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dealer soldleather and paint protector

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I just picked up my black w/nav MDX about 1 hour ago. At the finance signing the finance person attempted to sell the extended warranty (I declined) and this leather and paint protection ($395). "You'll never have to wax the car again". It included a cream of sorts that should be applied to the finish and washed every 6 months I believe. Does this work well. Name of product is Auto Armor. I told her I'd let her know. Any thoughts?
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extended warranty

They tried to sell us extended warranty too. We didn't get it either. About the paint protector, I wish they would have offered it to us. When you use it let me know how it works. I'm going to try the Carbon Paste that someone suggested that's used for black cars. It would be great not to have to worry about washing your black vehicle all the time. I got black with ebony. I love it, but it looks dirty already. Tomorrow I'm taking off work to clean it all up again. I can't wait.

Sounds a little fishy to me.....leather and paint protector for $395.!!! oh yeah and you have to put on this cream stuff every 6 months....that sounds like waxing your car doesn't it???
I passed on the "protection" package

These protection packages, are bogus I think. Here is a cheap way to make your own protection package:

1) buy scotchguard fabric protector in the spray can and go over the carpet, cargo area, mats, and headliner near the sunroof

2) Get a quality vinyl protector (not Armor All) and go over the interior. Use a sponge to put it on, don't spray it directly.

3) Get some Lexol leather conditioner and go over the seats. Again don't spray it on or you might get it caught in the perferated leather which is hard to get out.

4) Get a good paste wax and go to town on the outside.

Anyone have ideas how to protect the exterior door posts. They are black, but I can't tell if its painted or plastic. My car is GG but the door posts are still black. How about the wheels. Their clear coated, should they be waxed?

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I may get in trouble for this post but it's my opinion. Yes protection packages are offered by most dealers and they make extra money for the dealer. We offer them at our dealership also. With our protection package we give a coupon book with $450.00 worth of discount coupons for parts/accessories and oil changes. This keeps the customer coming back to us for service. The renewer you put on in 6 months is just another wax probably the same. The leather sealants are a commercial grade product that last much longer than scotchguard which does breaks down with temperature changes. These are usually guaranteed against staining. Underbody sealants do quiet road noise to a degree. Would I buy it? probably not. Do I use the products on my cars? yes, because I can get them for free. I have to offer them to my customers, but I never push the products.
If you choose to do it yourself make sure you get some of the new car waxes available that's not abrasive to the finish.
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I wasn't given a choice about this so called "environmental package" as my salesperson called it. It was $399 and he said it was on all Acuras. He said most dealers hide it in the price somewhere. Do you think they are wrong here a or am i just confusing this with something else???
I've not heard it called "environmental package" but if it's
paint sealant, fabric sealant, and sound guard (undercoating) it's the same stuff. There is a lot of pressure put on by management to push these products because they make extra money for the dealer. As far as hiding the price, unless they discounted the car to pay for it, you pay for it. I refuse to push it. I'll give the customer a brochure on it that they can read, but if they don't want it, the subject won't come up again. I don't like selling it, and its probably why I don't sell many of them. I'm always getting a good talking to at the end of the month for my low averages but I have the highest CSI in the store so I can live with that.
Got It Last Night!!

John Eagle Acura gives a complete vehicle portection package (interior & exterior) to all their customers free! The protection package is warranted, we signed warranty papers, such that it you spill coffee and it stains they will clean it free. In addition they sent home with us the complete kit. It is rather cool, especially for free.

I'll give acomplete account of our dealer experience later.

I believe these things are bogus. Do a search on the Zaino board at Edmunds Townhall, and you will hear of many people destroying these offerings from the dealers. I don't care what quality wax you put on a car, if you have birds crap on it, sap from a tree and wet leaves bake on the hood, you WILL have damage to your paint after time.

I agree with getting a good leather cleaner and conditioner for the interior of your car. When I purchase my used '98 GS400 6 months ago, the finance guy was pushing me HARD on the protectant for the interior of the car. He kept saying, "you have the IVORY interior, that will stain in no time. You have to be crazy to not get it!" My only reply was, this car is used, and has been driven for over 3 years already, and there is not a single mark on the inside. He had to think it over for a sec, then he shut up.

Save your money and buy Zaino, Lexol and scotch guard. Send the rest to me in a check as gratitude.
No way!

Run as fast as you can, for that $, you can do multiple professional detailings.
My free gift!!!!!!

I got my free gift UPS'ed to me yesterday from the dealer. It was a bucket and inside the bucket there was a sponge and some car wash that washes and waxes and some high gloss shine with a soft cloth. It's a little to late because I already washed and waxed my MDX, but I'll use this stuff next time. Cool!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know maybe I paid for it in some hidden cost. Oh well.
Hey psychdr!

Haven't seen ya around since your "baby" arrived. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind? How long did it take for you to recieve your MDX from the day you ordered it from Riddle? Did they call you and tell you the build date? Sorry for all the's just that we haven't heard from Riddle and then we call them and find out that our sales person isn't working there anymore and now we have someone new..he says he would call us with the build date...never did so today we called him and sure enough he said your build date is April 29th - May 3rd. I was just wondering how your experience was with Riddle and who your sales person was if you don't mind. Thanks in advance!
Additional Feedback

I just picked up my MDX yesterday. It's fantastic! At the signing, they also recommended my getting the paint protection. They said it's supposed to protect much better than just waxing. I know it's an additional expense, but I too would like to know if it is truly worth it in the long run. After the warranty period of five years, they said I could get a new application free of charge.

More comments, positive and negative, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Don't waste your money -- also read the fine print, the stuff has to be reapplied every 6 months (or less) to maintain the supposed warranty. Just buy the MDX and Zaino the sucker :)

Best regards.


Remember Poly-Glycote? in the late 70's
Same crap! $395.00 for a can of wax and a can of $6.95 scotch guard!! C,mon guys smell the coffee!! Finance guys are just aftersell salesman: They try to get u to buy all that garbage, if you have any money left after your First salesman gets done with you: How about etching the Vin # on all the glass for just $295.00! Gee! I guess my insurance company would,nt pay for my truck if it was stolen and did,nt have your vin# etching done?? Right? Get Lost!! Un-less your last name is "Gates" or "Trump" or if you want to spend money like a drunken sailor! Tell these jerks to go scratch their A-- No! I don't want any EXTRA RUSTPROOFING - SCOTCH-GUARDING-ALARM SYSTEM-GLASS PROTECTOR-PAINT SEALANT-SOUNDPROOFING-EXTENDED WARRANTY'S oh! and yes you are gonna give the better finance rate, [if your financing thru the dealer] even if i'm not buying anything from you! [Oh yeah, watch out for that one too!!!] Hey no problem- Lending knock there socks off!! Good luck guys!!
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Just Forgot to say to save this money for real add-on's from the Tim-ster at Hondacura World!!
My born-on date is two weeks away, but I stopped by the Austin dealer to learn about their accessory costs. They wanted to sell me an interior/exterior protection package at about $700+. After I declined, the accessories lady offered to drop the price to $399 since they REALLY recommend all their customers investing in this protection. I plan to order Zaino and save the difference.

By the way, she offered 10% off $199 half tint, $99 wheel locks, $999 fender flares, $299 cargo cover, $199 visor, and $499 rear spoiler. Can you tell this is the only dealer in town? I'll likely go elsewhere for the tint and put in an order to Tim for my other choices!
Everyone's right on the "paint sealant" packages. I used to apply these when I worked at a Ford dealer some 12 years ago. All it is, is a spray can of scotchguard and a wax job with a special wax (cost about $30 a bottle then).

Having been in the car business for many years, I've never seen a paint job treated with anything that would make it so that you'll never have to wax it. There are good waxes that last for a long time, but moreover the paints that are sprayed on vehicles today don't hold up the same as they did years ago (due to reductions in volatile compounds in the paint, I believe this was covered in another thread).

Just spend about $20 on wax and Scotchguard and then do a night on the town with the money you save!
Right on Tim!

Sometimes when I'm waiting at a dealer to pick a vehicle after service they have the "Car Seller's Monthly" (or whatever their trade publication is...) in the waiting room.

The companies own ads for "AutoArmour" or what have you all tout the PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT to be made from these "packages" -- not the "high tech protection" that they sell in the 'finance & warranty office'...

It seems like because "everybody does it" ALL dealers have the same products (including somewhat useful things like LoJack) but you can tell the weasel dealers by how LONG they make you sit in the "sweat box" before they drop the speil...
Environmental Package

After my 3.5 hour marathon negotiation they sent me to the "customer relations manager"" for the hard sell on the envrironmental package. Here is how they broke it down to start:

$395 for paint protectant
$350 for undercoating
$795 for LoJack
$400 for the invisible car bra to protect the front.
$350 for scotchguarding the interior

Basically they put the hard sell on the whole package and then every time I said no, the price magically dropped. In the end, I got the paint protectant and undercoating for $125- total. Even if they just wax the car and spray the bottom, the cost was minimal (when factored against the $40K for the BB Touring/NAV. I am sure they made profit even on that but I felt it was worth it.

The other thing that ticked me off was the $795 for Lojack. I was actually planning on getting the Lojack but my understanding is that most dealers charge $495 for that? Anybody care to share their Lojack prices with the group?
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