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Dealer response on glove box alignment

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Went to the dealer today(David McDavid- Austin) for my 7.5K check so I also told them about my glove box misaligned. So the dealer said "Oh, you let somebody installed a stereo system and broke the glove box.." So I said I didn't let anybody installed a stereo system because its obvious its still stock, all I did was change the speakers and run wires from the battery basically the dash was not opened.
At this point they said Acura may not cover since he said something is broken causing it to misalign.
I told them almost all MDX have this problem and mine is since day one. I challenged him to check MDX's on the lot and service area(there are at least 5). I told him this newgroup been discussing this problem. We checked 3 2001,s and all has the problem and 2002's don't.
He is very quiet.
He then told me they will replace the dash to fix it.
My question: Changing the dash- will it cause more fitting problems?
He even blamed me for putting stuff in the glove box.

I paid $115. for the check.
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cardingtr said:
He then told me they will replace the dash to fix it.
My question: Changing the dash- will it cause more fitting problems?
That's BEGGING for squeaks and rattles. Major surgery. Don't do it. Not worth it.
I second Worm's thoughts. In the quest for perfection that we're all seeking, some of the fixes are worse than the problems. I'd bet you my MDX that replacing the entire dashboard will result in rattles and squeaks that you'll live to regret. I was scared about getting the ashtray/lighter package on my MDX and TL-S because it involved disassembling parts of the dashboard and console and also involved some electrical work.
Some additional thoughts:

- your dealer has already proven they're a bunch of dopes with their original comments about the problem being "self-inflicted"

- why would they want to install an entirely new dash rather than just a glovebox assembly or new latch or latch repositioning?

- the misalignment is INHERENT in the '01s. C&J01MDX posted a comment months ago that Honda/Acura was aware of the misalignment but deemed it "acceptable". Apparently, that was corrected in the '02s, but how? New glovebox? New mount? New bracket? Dash mods? In any case, if they replace the entire dash with an '01 dash (which they would) and the glovebox with the '01 glovebox (which they prolly would) then you'll still have the problem (among the new ones created).

If it really bugs you, I'd suggest asking them to try and fit the '02 glovebox (flipdown, front part) into your '01 to see if that works.

Me, personally? I'd skip it, and might look for a more accommodating service department to boot.

Hands off the dash!
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I'll give them a call to forget about installing a new dash, rather check if they can fit a new 2002 glovebox. And install only if the fit is good.
I'm not 100% agreed with dash replacement but no options I can't think of at that time.

I'm picking on my glove box because 3 friends of mine already noticed it.
I had one of the last '01's built & I do not have the problem. So - if the same parts were used in my my MDX, then it has to be an adjustment issue. I would try another dealer & ask them to try an alignment. DM in Plano has a great service dept - but I have heard (& read on this board) that DM in Austin is not a good dealership.

Good luck

FWIW - my RX300 has the same glove box problem & their answer was "all RX's have the problem - it's a design flaw."
yeah, i got my dealer to try to fix the alignment problem, they tightened up the glove box, but it didn't help. they even checked out other MDX's and told me mine is just as tight. I told them they probably checked out other 2001 MDX's(which share the same alignment problem). They said there is nothing more they could do. ohh well, it was worth a shot.
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