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Dealer Nightmare

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This is my nightmare. Back in Feb 2001, I ordered a Granite Green MDX with Side steps.I knew the wait would be about six months and I had no problem with it. I was not in a big rush.
Well in September I get a call that my car was finally in. I call my dealer to finalize the lease numbers and he gives me a quote that is about $70.00 a month more then he originally quoted me. He tells me that he used the wrong sales tax figures in the original deal. He was giving me the business.
I then decided to purchase the car and we came up with a figure.
The day before I was going to pick up the car the dealer calls me up to tell me that they put running boards instead of side steps on my Car. I said fine I could live with that.
The next day I go in to pick up my car, I pass a Burgandy Mdx with running boards that is parked in front of the dealership. I see my salesmen and ask him where my car is. He tells me, "I just walked by it". I could feel the veins in my neck pulsating. He had ordered the wrong color.
He tells me to take it or leave it. That is when I lost it....
I have to go now. To be continued tomorrow. (All My MDX'S)Haha
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Somebody needs to give warpspeed a medal or something. It must feel great, especially after waiting one year......I can't recall waiting a year on anything (tangible). SALUTE!:D
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