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Gerry - I pretty much agree with davegood on the dealers. I had a deposit on my MDX with West Chester Acura and then cancelled it due to the long wait. I ended up purchasing it at Davis Acura in Langhorne. They may be a little far but they are definitly worth the trip. They are at MSRP and no forced options but their service department is excellent. They also give you every other oil change for free. Additionally, they only charged $129.00 for the first 7,500 servicing which is great compared to other postings that I have read. Look at it this way, Langhorne is only about 45 minutes away and you will enjoy your trip home from picking up your new MDX. Long story short, contact all of the dealers in our area and you will most likely be driving a new 2002 MDX within the month. If my memory serves me right, I sent e-mails requestiong quotes and I was contacted by two dealers, including Castle Acura within two weeks with a choice of a couple of mDX's. You may have to settle a little with color and options (i.e. - touring & navigation) but you will get an MDX.

Good luck !!!

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