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In case you want to get a better alarm for your ride. This is an absolutely incredible alarm system. It`s fully customizable, and has many many features no other alarm anywhere near its price level does. With Aladdin 2000® you can also safely start the engine, pre-heat or pre-cool your vehicle remotely even from inside your home or at your programmed time for your comfortable drive in simmering summer days or frigid winter mornings. For your added convenience, the digital display of the temperature on the LCD screen lets you know the time when to cool or warm the indoor of your vehicle.

Heck, you can even use it as a turbo timer (for those of you with turbocharged cars). It comes with a 2 way pager with up to a 1/4 mile range that can alert you when your alarm has been tripped it even has a vibrate mode. RollHard is selling this alarm for $225, lower than anywhere else, but right now, you can take $25 off this price by using code: A2000 during checkout (code is ONLY good for the alarm), bringing your price down to $200. You can also add features like Up and Down Windows Module for $60 or just an up window feature for $40 that can probably be added to the sunroof.
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