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The cd changer in my 2009 would not eject a disc, and I had to remove the head unit to get the disc out. After reinstalling, I seem to have no power to radio, navigation system or back-up camera. Fuse #32 is blowing. This fuse is labeled "accessory". Fuse #5 for the radio is okay. Not aware of where a short could be occurring as the removal and reinstallation seemed to go well. When I removed the head unit, I noticed 2 green pin connectors that were not plugged into the head unit. There is a single green pin receptacle on the back of the head unit. I wasn't sure what to make of this. One of the 2 green pin connectors will fit into one side of the receptacle, but the fit does not seem perfect. The plug does not lock into place like the other connections do. Does anyone know what is powered by the wires with the green pin connectors? Could I have created the fuse problem by trying to push the green pin connector into a green receptacle that was not intended to take it? Thank you.
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