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Date with an MDX

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Tonights the night! The Build Date of February 5th was just delivered to my dealer and I have an appointment of 6pm to take delivery. How exciting!

It's been 6 long months of waiting with four of them having only 1 car for my wife and myself. I'd say we deserve this vehicle.

We ended up leasing this MDX w/ Nav for 4 yrs, $513 per month which is much better than the original $610 that I was quoted by the dealer. I know it's probably not the best deal around but hey, I'm saving $100 per month off of the original quote so at least it's not the worst deal either. Interestingly, the dealership had only one other person who ever considered a non-dealership lease which really changed my negotiating power. I showed them a rate from and they were really concerned that they wouldn't be able come close to it. A couple of days later I called to ask if they could do anything and they said that they were surprised but they were able to get Chase to match the terms.

Well, 4.5 hours to go and counting...

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The butterflies you feel in your stomache while you wait for that hour to meet her.

You ask yourself questions, am I good enough, is she good enough for me, hows my hair, am I wearing the right outfit, will we match???

You are fidgeting.

The clammy hands, you are experiencing shortness of breaths.

That will be the LONGEST 4.5 hour wait you will ever experienced!
CONGRATULATIONS!, Victor...I'm so happy for you and your wife. It's so exciting. I wish you all the best of luck with your new 'X!:D :D :D


Congrats, and we all share your excitement.

Be sure to post your experiences after you have a couple of days to enjoy it. The first thing I recall noticing was how big and open the windshield seemed....great visibility.....
1 hour 45 minutes and counting. It sucks to be at work!!

By the way, I got two calls from the dealer asking if I wanted accessories and Simonizing with Insurance. Is this a good deal?(Heavy sarcasm):rolleyes:
Victor said:
By the way, I got two calls from the dealer asking if I wanted accessories and Simonizing with Insurance. Is this a good deal?(Heavy sarcasm):rolleyes:
Only if they're tossing in the bridge for free! :eek:
How does the interior WIDTH feel to you? It's the first thing my wife and I noticed, and we love it.

p.s. She'll probably let you kiss her after the first date...
Gotta run and go pick up my date...SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D
The delivery process was painless. Acura of Milford charged me MSRP with no forced accessories. They were mentioned, but easily dismissed when I declined. I did have to hear about simonizing three times but no real hard sell. They took an hour and a half to explain everything and give me my materials and I have to say that it was the longest a dealership has taken with me. We received only about 20 min. each with our LHS and Camry. Now I know better.

First Impression:

She was very classy lady if not very petite!

I did get a very WIDE impression coming off of a much smaller overall Toyota Camry and a narrower but long Chrysler LHS.

The first impression that I got though she was a real beauty. All that silver and not a sign of plastic on her exterior to mar the perfection. I familiarized myself with all of her switches and buttons before moving on and then gently led us out into the street.

I just had to play with the Nav screen and plug in my home address which is in a town that is not detail covered. Lo and Behold, my street was mapped as was the rest of the roads in my town. A very nice surprise as I expected only major routes. The map actually had all of the streets leading to my home. Oh and she spoke with such a light voice insisting that I take every turn she pointed out. Granted I tend not to enjoy people who present themselves as passenger seat drivers but this time I make an exception as she guided me true. I only wish that she had more knowledge of the shops, restaraunts and attractions in my town and a couple of neighboring towns. Also, isn't the Auto mode supposed to change the screen brightness during the day? I found that I could not see the screen due to sun glare at all until I deliberately set the day mode.

Driving off I realized that this lady required a deliberate push of the pedal to get up to speed. She would not respond to a wishy washy man who dappled around her pedal. I notice this also with her steering. I expected lighter steering than she exhibited such as that found in my LHS or my recent test drive of the Envoy. My MDX had a tightness of steering more akin to our Toyota Camry. I wonder if this has to do with American vs. Japanese makes.

Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with more excuses to drive her and put only 40 miles total so far. Last night, I pored through the manuals gleening little hints of information that seemed intuitive enough.

Little nice surprises included the pinging sound when the door opened, the locked valet glove box with valet key, the non-smoking aspect of the car(not that anyone will smoke in her but I liked how it was a change drawer and would not work with a lighter), the cell phone charger in the center console, and the overall width of the console itself which allows for two elbows comfortably. The best overall gadget that will not be lived without again was the NAV system. I get such a kick out of seeing my lady move across the map as we drive.

I'll let you know more as I explore!
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As a sales rep for Acura I am glad to here about you good experience. If all dealerships can keep up their end Acura will have the luxury brand name they deserve. When you get a call on the survey help them out and give 5's. 5=100% 4thru 1= 0%
sales reps need 97.5 %.

Tony Bellomio
Proctor Acura
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